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Friday, May 7, 2010

Whoa, That's One Spicy Dorito

Last night, I cheated. On my diet that is. Not only did I throw back a couple of beers with Thumb Head (that's my bald husband) but I also had some snacks. Thumb Head had purchased a small bag of "2nd Degree Burn, Fiery Buffalo" Doritos. He challenged me: Bet you can't eat more than two!

Well, I love challenges - especially with food. So like an idiot, I had three chips then I waited. In about ten seconds, I yelled, "Holy Shit, that's hot."

What was I thinking? My husband LOVES spicy food. When a waiter asks how spicy he wants his curry, wings or salsa, he'll answer, "Kill Me." If he thinks these chips are spicy then I should have known better than to accept his challenge.

I suppose Doritos could use the challenge as a marketing campaign. It would be the opposite of Pringles' "Bet you can't eat just one".

Bet you can't eat more than two.

Yeah, I don't know why Photo Booth takes photos backwards but you get the picture.

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  1. hmmm I have not seen these yet but it doesn't sound to fabulous