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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Whether you're getting that much deserved spa treatment or sippin' a mimosa or doing the laundry, hope you're having a Happy Mother's Day.

My tip of the day today is: It's okay to milk this day for all it's worth. If you're new to this day, don't worry - you'll get better at taking advantage of the perks with time. If you're a pro, then by all means throw me some pointers. But just a reminder before you get caught up playing Cleopatra, our moms are moms too and what you get is what you should give - your mom, I mean. This rule of thumb is going to come back at you on Father's day, too - so don't ask him for anything you can't offer him yourself.

I'm curious to know what made your day special - go on, melt my heart.

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