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Friday, May 14, 2010

Samu's Sixth Sense

It was about two or three in the morning when my three-year old, Samu was laughing hysterically in his sleep.  His chin was tucked into his chest, like someone was tickling him and after a while he subsided back to sleep.

I didn't think much about it because I figured he was just dreaming but then the following day my husband told me that he thought he heard a kid laughing in the middle of the night. He assumed it was the neighbors. What makes this a mystery in an eerie sort of way is that my husband sleeps in his man-cave two levels down in the basement - it soundproofs his snoring. That he too, heard Samu laughing was creepy.

What topped it off was that my mother told me that our close friend, who came to visit the other day, claimed that my father's spirit or ghost followed her home. Our friend realized this when her dog started barking at something behind her and wouldn't stop for quite some time. Then in the morning, she was abruptly woken to the sound of my father's voice saying "Wake up!"

Our friend sent a thank you e-mail with the story of my dad's ghost following her home and mentioned that he must've left because all was quiet at her house again. That was the day Samu had his sleep-laugh.

For a minute, I thought it was endearing that my dad would come home to tickle Samu. Then I felt a little freaked out about the prospect of a ghost - my dad's nonetheless.

What really weirds me out right now is that if Samu has a sixth sense, I don't want him crawling into my bed in the middle of the night. I'm such a sissy.

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  1. OMG I'm laughing, crying and freaked out all at the same time!