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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Much For Education

As May draws to an end, the end looks inevitable - for the After School program that is. I hate to be a pessimist but I knew those politicians in Albany weren't going to change their minds about cutting the program completely. No matter how many petitions we signed, phone calls we made and letters we wrote, we were not going to get the money to continue running it. And I can understand - hookers cost a lot these days.

What's really sad is I can't seem to find a comparable program in our neighborhood. I Googled "After School Programs," "Tutoring," "Study Groups," "Help With Homework" but I pretty much get the same results. Sylvan and Kumon learning centers and then a list of private tutors that come to your home.

Nothing against private tutors but I just don't want them in my home. And as far as leaving them in someone's care, would you leave your kid with this guy? If I did that, my husband would be asking me for some weed because I must be high (I don't smoke by the way but sometimes I act as if I do).

We'll get through this, I know. We were so very fortunate to have such a wonderful program at our disposal and I should just appreciate what we had. The volunteers that helped with their homework, devised constructive play and even put on a showcase for Christmas and Spring. And now, thanks to Governor Paterson and a slew of other sleazy politicians - it gets taken away.

So much for educating our children above the standards. Really, what was I thinking - that my taxes should actually go to something I could use?

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