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Friday, March 1, 2013

Too Old But Don't Know It

Never thought I'd do it, but I started a fitness page. Pages, actually. I think of it as a tracker because I already use my iPhone calendar, a planner, a journal, a binder and a notebook - that's my idea of being organized. Yes, I'm shitty at it. Every time Better Homes and Gardens sends me an e-newsletter that's titled Get Organized, I yell, "Fuck You, don't tell me what to do!" at the screen and delete it.

With these fitness pages, I don't intend to tell you how great my workout is going - quite the contrary. I've been working out for a long time and like many people it's on again, off again. Get fit, get fat, get fit - try saying that ten times fast.

I know the pitfalls. You get tired, bored or God forbid - injured.

When the momentum stops, you start to go down. When you get as low as you possibly can, you have to find deep inside of you that voice that says put down that nacho and pick up those knees!

It's the fear of getting rickety - because there's no stopping age. When I hit thirty, I vowed to keep fit in my forties. Now that I'm well into my forties, I'm renewing my vow to at least not have to wear old lady pants. My sons will be hitting their teens after all and you know what that means - hormones.

Here goes Fitness Mom Zola on Namzola Goodness.

Hobbled closely by Not For the Timid.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sibling Pact

My cousins live thousands of miles away. Like, Japan actually. Still - we're pretty close. I believe my grandmother had something to do with it. Way before Facebook, she was the one who brought us together.

She was the mother of seven children - and they all got along. They took nothing from one another. In the end, they even lost the house they grew up in to non-family people because they wouldn't question each other.

The house was equivalent in worth to say, a brownstone in Greenwich Village. Still, the loss of millions of dollars didn't raise so much as an eyebrow between my aunts. That's one stong sibling pact.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The State Test Proposal

This morning, I attended a workshop for parents about the Third grade state tests coming up in April 2013. In text - it can be frightening. New York State wants to be the first to test aligned with the Common Core standards but guess what? It's not in the curriculum! That's just genius, right?

The bad news is: Kids won't know how to answer the friggin' questions because they haven't learned it.

The good news is: It's the first year - the test is completely different - so there's nothing to compare it to and everybody passes.

And if you don't really know why our kids are taking the state test - it's for funding. For the schools.

It doesn't go on our kids F.B.I. records or anything, so chill the f*ck out. The latest blog post can be found here...