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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The State Test Proposal

This morning, I attended a workshop for parents about the Third grade state tests coming up in April 2013. In text - it can be frightening. New York State wants to be the first to test aligned with the Common Core standards but guess what? It's not in the curriculum! That's just genius, right?

The bad news is: Kids won't know how to answer the friggin' questions because they haven't learned it.

The good news is: It's the first year - the test is completely different - so there's nothing to compare it to and everybody passes.

And if you don't really know why our kids are taking the state test - it's for funding. For the schools.

It doesn't go on our kids F.B.I. records or anything, so chill the f*ck out. The latest blog post can be found here...

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  1. I'm a teacher, so I could write a novel for a response here. But I won't. Suffice it to say that scores will probably be low until someone teaches the kids how to take the test itself. Standardized test scores are low because kids--all the way through high school--don't have the skills to take that kind of test. If they knew how to take the type of test well that they're forced to take, they'd do better on it. And, yeah, it would help if the Common Core stuff was in the curriculum.