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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Song Of August

The month of August is always bitter sweet. As we fall into the groove of summer like true vacay-professionals, flashes of panic slap me right between the eyes when I realize it's another day closer to school! I know back in June, I was like - aw God, please take these kids back already but things are different now...I've discovered leisurely breakfasts with Chocolate Cheerios.

Now I'm obsessively overbooking every minute of every day in August. Making sure they're filled with summer-ish stuff to do. All the while, it's slipping by. And then I hear them. The cicadas.

Their hypnotic buzz reminding me that summer time is most memorable when nothing gets done. Puuuut thaaat vacuum cleaner dooooown, I imagine their rattling melody is singing to me.

Gosh - they are ugly but their music is something else...kind of like Rush. But what would summer sound like without them? The cicadas, I mean, not Rush.

You have to admire nature and her little sensory triggers - they bring us back when we get too ahead of ourselves. Because for all I know, the cicadas may have been singing all of July too, but how would I know since my windows were closed and the air conditioning was on full blast?

Oh well, I guess it's the cicada's August song I get to enjoy...followed by Tom Sawyer.

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