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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My father very rarely spoke about his childhood. I assumed it was because most of it was spent hungry and fighting with his six other brothers and sisters. Then again, it could've just been something like...World War II getting in the way of having a memorable childhood.

There was one little story he did manage to tell me; that he cried like a baby and clung on to his father's leg like a beggar monkey when he was left at his great-aunts house in the country side. You see, my father was one of three boys and he was right smack in the middle. To ensure that one of the boys survived, my grandfather decided to hide him there because Tokyo was more likely a target for bombings.

"Second To One"  is a fictional short story based this one my father had told me. It was submitted in the First Line Fiction Contest #11, though it did not place.

If you have the time, please give it a read and I hope you enjoy it enough to share it on Facebook or Twitter.



  1. i can't wait to read it ...My Grandmother was German and married my Grandfather an American Soldier during WWII I love to hear their stories and I often wonder how kids from that era view thier childhood.

  2. Although I am glad there aren't a lot of war stories being generated in this day, I too am fascinated by what has passed. We (humans) are strange creatures...