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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sabotaged By A Preschooler

What does my laptop and Guantanamo Bay have in common? They've both been shut down by way of Water Boarding. Well...sort of.

My three-year-old in his frequent act of demonic destruction decided to check if there was water in his water bottle by pouring the remains on my computer. Luckily, my laptop was closed and it was sitting on the day bed, which absorbed most of the liquid. But now it won't turn on without being plugged into the wall and that to me, sort of defeats the purpose of a laptop, don't it?

I thought it was funny how the little booger was not the least bit remorseful when Daddy and I scolded him. I always knew the little guy held the kind of grudge one holds towards a new baby brother for my computer. I tried not to be on it when he's around but every once in a while, when e-mails get backed up or deadlines are ensuing - I'd play a DVD of Dora or Team Umi Zumi to keep him occupied while I stuck my nose in the computer screen.

Sometimes he'd wail, "Noooo - don't be on the compoooter!" Other times, he'd just walk up and slam it shut on my face. About the only time he liked it is when it was playing baby movies of himself or letting him video chat with Grammy. But for the most part, it was his nemesis.

So I had to get hard core with him on this deed. Depending on how much this is going to cost, he is either going to lose his birthday party this year or it will come out of his Christmas list. By the way, he's been adding a new item every day since Easter - he was not happy about shortening the list. He even agreed to hard labor just to keep his list intact. But really, how hard a labor can a three-year-old do? He'd just make another mess for me to clean and this is supposed to be his punishment.

In a nutshell, this means I am disabled until my laptop comes home...if it comes home. In the meantime, maybe I'll finally read all the books and magazines that have piled up on my nightstand, coffee stand and workstation.

I can only imagine what jealous revenge my three-year-old would take towards my magazines. Use them for toilet paper?


  1. OH no my little one once dipped my blackberry in kool aid for me ...(because it was thirsty)

  2. Well, I guess it's not as messy as a VHS player being fed a PB&J sandwich...