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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Criminal Schmorgesborg

The other day I came across this fantastic blog post on Mothering Mayhem. It's about a registered sex offender that moved into her neighborhood, which is no small matter - I feel the anxiety. If you have the chance, please read her could happen in your neck of the woods.

Just out of curiosity, I checked out the Family Watchdog Website to see what vermin was living amongst us. Am I brain dead? Maybe. I just figured they would list the most wanted. But this is New York City, after all - not exactly D.C. but crime ridden just the same.

I looked up  registered sex offenders in the 11104 area - we have no less than 6,348.

Can Police Commissioner Ray Kelly go on Sesame Street and sing "Oh, a rapist is a person in your neighborhood?"


  1. OH wow I always think about this I never let my son play in the front unless I am with him and we have a pad lock on the gate inside...I am always worried the ice cream man is a kid napping rapist....ugh

  2. Wow, those are some scary results.

    Thanks for mentioning my post. This is obviously a very important topic. The craziest aspect in my situation is that I had looked up my zip code in early August with no offenders found. About 10 days later, the violent offender moved into the house in my neighborhood. This demonstrates how constantly vigilant parents need to be to ensure their childrens' safety.

  3. My sister confided as an adult, a time she was almost abducted as a child. Apparently, my mother poo-pooed it - seeing she made it home. It only shows that a parent's instinct, preparation and teaching is all a child has to make it past these predators. Thanks for your comments, Moms.