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Thursday, July 29, 2010

As My Guitar Gently Shrinks

For a few years now, I had been trying to teach the boys how to play guitar. It turned into me sitting there for thirty-minutes while the boys strummed haphazardly and sang "IRON MAN!!!" or "HULK!!!!" at the top of their lungs like it's some new Death Metal song. They hadn't really progressed as far as playing goes because they just wouldn't sit down and learn how to play.

Then a friend of ours showed up at the park the other day with a kid-sized violin. The boys were enamored. An instrument that actually fits into their hands! What a concept.  I'm being sarcastic, here. Of course I knew there were kid-sized instruments - I just always thought it was a rip off.

I don't know why I thought that - perhaps because kids grow up so fast? But unlike ballet shoes or ski boots, at least you can still play an instrument even after they grow out of it.

So, the entire family - the boys at forty dollars each from their savings and us parents for the rest chipped in for yet another addition to our guitar collection.

We purchased a Yamaha CGS102A. It's a half-sized guitar which is best for children ages five to about eight. Older children, from ten on up, should look into a 3/4 size guitar. I like to start them on nylon strings because it's easier on their fingers. It builds callouses without shredding them to bits. I learned that the hard way.

I haven't found an instructional DVD for kids that I like, yet but when I do - I'll be sure to post it. God, I love Netflix!

If you are thinking about buying a guitar for your little one and are not quite sure what to do, feel free to send me your questions and I'd be happy to give you my advice as a professional moron.

Look at this very happy boy! Backpacking his new guitar on Music Row in Times Square.

And for the record, he's been practicing - yes, practicing every chance he gets.

Not doing to good on the share-it-with-your-brother part, however...


  1. Music is so good for kids...Tyler starts back to his guitar lessons when school starts =)

  2. I agree, music is good for kids and the sooner they start the better.

  3. My biological father (more on this on future post) is a pretty good guitar player. I would have loved it if I grew up with him teaching me. I have this cool dream before of becoming a kick-ass chick with a more kick-ass guitar prowess. Oh well, I am pretty okay with my singing voice. But, I always always love the acoustic sound of the guitar.

    P.S. I've read this already before but was too shy to leave a comment.FYI. ;)

    1. So glad you're not so shy anymore. If guitar is too complicated, have you considered a Ukelele? My mother LOVES hers. The tuning is different but I think it's easier to learn, especially if you just want an accompanying instrument. Good luck, Ava!