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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stamp Out Soda

Every once in a while I have a really, really bad experience at the checkout counter. Today it was at Rite Aid on Greenpoint Avenue, which is usually pretty cool with me. The one woman ahead of me held up the line because she wanted to buy three 12 packs of soda with food stamps. The soda was covered but she was having a hell of a hard time understanding that the can's five cent deposit had to be paid in cash.

Yes, it really annoyed me that I had to watch the whole stupid transaction, which took nearly ten minutes but do you wanna know what I found truly wrong with this picture? It's that she bought SODA - Fucking Soda with food stamps!

Excuse my language but that's just Satanic. You shouldn't be able to buy soda with government assisted money, especially when you have the First Lady campaigning her heart out (again with our tax dollars) to fight obesity among American children.

It kills me when I see a kid - a child who still has baby teeth - drinking a can of Coke or worst still a can of Diet Pepsi with it's growth inhibiting saccharine. Don't their parents realize how detrimental this stuff is for children? As I watch the rotund parents shove a bag of potato chips in their face, I realize no..they don't.

Junk food is cheap, tasty and readily available. Carrot sticks and water don't stand a chance.

I am not a health food advocate and I don't pretend to be. As a matter of fact my favorite foods are beer and salami, but I don't feed that to my kids. Well, salami I do but my boys are half-Italian - c'mon man! The point is, if food stamps are to provide less fortunate families with assistance to eat a nutritionally balanced diet, then I think there's no reason it should be paying for a can of Mountain Dew.


Good Night, Mr. Steinbrenner.


  1. I have a super problem with the whole damn food stamp system ...I worked in a grocery store for 8 long years 2 as a checker and 6 as a manager and maybe 2 of the hundreds of food stamp customers we had bought stuff that is healthy for their children... The elderly always do pretty well in this area and IMO deserve the help the most... I may have to write a post on this now I am riled up...I try to leave all that world behind but it is certainly a problem

  2. i just wanted to let you know I linked this post in my Friday Fragments post

  3. Cool! Thanks! It's a good cause and there's no excuse not to be feeding our kids healthier food.