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Friday, July 2, 2010

June Milestones

It's happening again - June is gone and the rest of the summer threatens to be gone in a flash. I have a theory why the summer feels like it's only three weeks long. It's because summer is the only season where you actually live in the present moment.

You don't spend it thinking about last Christmas or the snow or even the first spring day. At the same time, you don't waste it living in the future either because nothing else seems important. It's Fun-in-the-sun-time! The sprinklers are waiting (can you tell we live in the city?). The sidewalk tables at Bar 43 are breezy and inviting. Spontaneity is in the air and about the only preparation a person needs is remembering to slap on deodorant.

Now that the weddings and graduations and recitals are done, here's a little recap of events gone by.

My Sister-In-Law's Big Catholic Wedding:

From left to right: Mr. Joe Peters & Mrs. Rachel Peters and Mike (Rachel's brother/My husband)

Because their father passed away, Mike walked Rachel down the aisle and gave her away. What a brother, eh? He even wore his Red Wing boots to give him some height and man, did he look spiffy (it's still legal to use that word, right?).

Although, this is Rachel's second marriage, Rachel and Joe have been best friends like, forever. So even if he's new to the family he's not exactly new to us - we're thrilled just the same.

And as far as relationships with Rachel's first marriage...

This is Rachel and Mike doing a shot with the former hubby, Kenny. How often does this happen, ya think?

Rachel & Joe are happy and we're happy that they're happy and happy that we still get to see Kenny - cuz we like him a lot - and the boys are even happier because they get two uncles.

Auntie Rules!

After School Final Showcase:
No, these guys aren't mini hit men, they're the Kindergarten graduates performing in the final show organized by the Sunnyside Community service.

As much as my little guy loved the After School program he was brimming with joy that it was all over. Unfortunately, it may not be around next year as the program's funding was cut. Looks like it's back to hangin' out on the streets and latch key kids for our school. Hey, I grew up like that and I didn't turn out that bad...

It's A Small World, After All...

Kazuki, on the left and his buddy Louis are the only two boys in their ballet class.

While the girls cleanly executed the recital number, the boys looked as if they were getting ready to moon the audience.

They were adorable nonetheless as only boys can be surrounded by lots of pretty little ballerinas. Women think men who can dance are irresistible and I guess it applies to five-year-olds as well.

The Graduate ...okay, so it's Kindergarten but so what?

Tell me this pose isn't hilarious. I'm thinking about sending it to Dr. Heckle.

This is Zuki on Graduation Day. Despite the fact that it was just Kindergarten, families were only allowed two tickets to attend. And to add insult to injury, children counted as one person, which meant siblings needed a ticket, too.

For college, even high school I can understand the limitation but for Kindergarten? Think of all the grandparents who couldn't attend because mom and dad wanted to attend.

Well, there's always YouTube.

Zuki with Daddy and the Last Hairbender.

The Future Rat Pack? Atlantic City, here we come!

Zuki with his teacher, Mrs. Mifsud.

She's nothing short of a miracle worker. He learned in leaps and bounds and she kept his wackiness in order...who else could do that, Jesus?

And speaking of wackiness...Here is K4 of 2010!

Good Luck In First Grade!


  1. And here I thought, I've already read all your blog entries! Love all the pictures, you have adorable boys, husband included! hehe

  2. I'll be sure to let the hubby know. He'll be ecstatic that SOMEBODY is happy to see him! Thanks for reaching into the archives, Ava!