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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Flower Pickin' Bandit

By now, I'm sure my neighbors are wondering where all their pansies are. My three-year-old, Samu loves to pick them to give to me. No matter how many times I tell him that it's better to let the flower live and leave it where it is, he seems to believe I'd be much happier having it wilt in my pocket.

Up until now, he's left the bigger blooms alone. But the other day, we were in Walmart's nursery shopping for a birthday gift. As we were walking up and down the aisles looking for a plant, Samu runs up to me with a Zinnia bloom that was so big, he had to cradle it in two hands.

"Holy Shit, Samu! You can't pick the flowers in here." I told him.

"But it's to make you happy," he answered.

How could I get mad at that? So, I quickly hid it between two plants after making sure no one saw - then I thanked my lucky stars that Walmart's nursery is understaffed on Sunday.

Next time he fights me about picking up his toys, I'm going to tell him to imagine that they're flowers in full bloom waiting to get picked. We'll see how that goes.


  1. That is funny because my son at age 3 did the same thing in lowes....ha

  2. Guess that means we'll have to watch him closely at Home Depot!

  3. should have earned him a cookie but I didn't want to send mixed messages!