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Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Are Those Idiots

We thought we were being smart, my husband and I, when we planned out our workout routine during vacation in Aruba. I suggested using the patio in back of the gym for our cardio routine. Did I take in the fact that it would be 80 degrees outside - or that the sun would be beating down on us? It's probably the type of thing that most people see and wonder what idiot would do that? Well, apparently we are those idiots.

Yes, we finished our Kenpo X routine and it felt, well - grueling. No, torturous is probably more like it. Sweat was pouring out of our eyeballs, our bottles of water were heated to tea-making temperature plus I got burnt on my shoulders which cast tan lines from three different straps. Now my shoulders look like the Los Angeles freeway.

When we were done, we dragged our ragged asses into the gym to cool down. The three time body building champion of Aruba's Miss Universe greeted us with towels and smiles. I love this place. You can try to kill yourself and the people make you feel happy about doing it.

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  1. Bwahahahahaha!I've actually googled Aruba for this post and the previous one. ;)