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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday meant as much to me as a stick of celery would to the Fat Boys. Then I had kids and all of that changed. All holidays were a treat including Easter. Spring colored chiffon dresses, little men in suits all of them hunting for plastic eggs filled with candy or money, the Easter Egg hunt is a riot.

It's funny how priorities change depending on the age of a child. Mine are still young enough to just be happy with the candy. They look at a ten dollar bill and request the two quarters instead - it clinks in their hand, they reason. Although, this year we missed the family's egg hunt, the boys had their fill of chocolate from an Aruban in a Bugs Bunny suit who was handing them out by the pool. The poor soul must have been dying of heat in that outfit.

Bugs Bunny's assistant, who was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, twisted up balloon swords and dogs for the kids. Of course, when our three-year-old got his sword it was a trifle smaller than his big brother's so we had to order him another one. When the balloon artist (is that what you call these guys?) whipped him up another one, it was the wrong color. So he got yet another balloon sword. Now he had three and his hands were too full to engage in a sword fight. He gave me the orange one - the wrong colored one - because he popped the handle portion. I stood by the pool and realized that without the handle, it looked as if I were holding a balloon dildo. The fact that it was orange didn't help either.

"This don't look right," I said to Auntie.

"No, it don't." She replied and laughed at my demise. "Here, have an onion ring."

Onion rings make everything right again. Well, that with an ice cold beer by the pool.

What did your family do for Easter?

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