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Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks, Dora!

My three-year old granted me an hour to get some work done. Unfortunately, an hour was not enough. He watched the thirty minute Iron Man cartoon, then some annoying Umi-gumi thing that was totally distracting. My hour was up and he was just about to tell me he wanted to go outside when "Dora The Explorer" came on. Now he's glued to the screen and I got my bonus twenty-six minutes to finish this up.

The past hour, I've been looking through the "Customize" menu to list all the blogs I follow and it's truly frustrating. Sometimes, it's my fault - I forgot to hit Save. But I'm just annoyed that I have to copy and paste the URL of every blog I follow individually. Shouldn't the setting just do that for me automatically? Am I acting like some sort of slacker expecting this site to do this shit for me?

Dora and Boots are going to pick blueberries and they are up to the first obstacle - this means I have another twenty-minutes...

There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck on administrative stuff. I suppose that's why I have over four-hundred unread messages in my Inbox. One of these days I'll get that puppy down to sixty messages, I swear. But as Aragorn said in Lord Of The Rings, today is not that day.

I plead to thee for help. Is there an easier way to show off the blogs I'm following or read recently? Is it a gadget I'm over looking or am I just being a lazy retard?

Okay, gotta go. Dora and Boots have reached Blueberry Hill and that means it's time to get ready. Today's ambitious plan is to take Samu to the FDNY museum in SoHo. He's expecting to drive outta there in a Fire Engine, sheesh.

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