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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Four Days of April

Happy April. Sheesh - four days in and I'm already a wreck. Instead of harping on one fine subject, I'll give you three because they really deserve a mention.

First off, congratulations to my mother-in-law (a.k.a. Grammy) for winning the "Citizen of the Year" award at the Elks in Southington. It's really something to have the power and the ability to help others and she does that almost effortlessly. I'm not talking about writing a check or wearing a flimsy yellow wrist band - I'm talking about helping hundreds of families that rely on Bread For Life, the organization she volunteers at, for food, clothing and support.

Not everyone can touch people in the mass quantities that she does. It's because she has the knack. No, not the band who sang My Sharona, I mean that special timing of running into a sale of flip flops at Old Navy for fifty cents a piece. Whereas most people would buy twenty pairs, she'll buy them ALL. And then she'll send it to some country that hasn't discovered children's shoes yet.

All joking aside, hearing about her work makes us appreciate how fortunate we are. Times are tough for many families across the country, but at least the folks in Southington have our Grammy.

Grammy with her newest grandson, Cousin Adam

"Dainty eaters have pepperoni slices and Doritos"

"I'm spell checking the plaque"

You may find the following news depressing so be warned: we had to dump the home brew we bottled last weekend. It was looking really good, smelling deee-licious, but being the amateurs that we are, we filled the bottles too high and they exploded.

At 10:03 pm on Monday night, we heard a pop and glass shatter.

"WHAT was that?" My husband said.

My first thought was, "It's a zombie." But then I realized, to my extreme dismay, that it was the beer.

I know, you're weeping. It was going to be a fantastic blog post, with free samples. And chicken wings! But not to worry. I don't give up that easily (I've stayed married to my husband for ten years, c'mon!).

Beer? Or Molotov Cocktails...

Finally, my little Charlie-Sheen-Wall-Street-Money-Maker brought home his resume (he really did make one in After-School!). I am eating my words because his Objective is right to the point. In fact, I may steal it for my own.

"To obtain a position" - that kind of says it all, right? Since I'm a little crude, mine might say, "Just gimme a job!"

Isamu for hire
Objective: To obtain a postion
Education: kindergarten
Sports: Baseball
TV Show: Tom and Jerry
Skills: Reading Writing

Shouldn't all resumes be this professional? And if you're wondering, the cartoon of the guy fishing is because he wants to be a fisherman. Not to catch fish - to "play with them."

Yeah, I'm gonna load up on my IRA just in case...


  1. Yay, Grammy!!!! Sorry for not being around more often. We've had a bad few bouts of allergies, asthma and then a stomach virus that just knocked us all out!!!! I love your son's resume! You should hand that out at your next job interview. :)

    1. Yes, it could be a resume-by-association type of thing. And thanks for the "Yay, Grammy," she deserves every one she gets!

  2. I just noticed on your “Live Traffic Feed” sidebar, you registered a hit from the North Pole! And I thought me poking my nose into your blog from way the heck over here in the Middle East was unique. Ha, at least I’m warm and they’re freezing!

    Give your granny a big hug from me, pretty please. Someone like her is deserving of a whole lot of recognition. She’s truly an inspiration to us all.

    I only discovered “home brew” when I came to Kuwait. It’s pretty prolific here. Alcohol of any kind is strictly prohibited. But us folks with a diplomatic mission have it shipped directly from the UAE several times per year. Maybe that’s why we’re so popular!

    Sorry you lost a few bottles....

    1. Oh, will do on the big hugs - our boys at least sure did. Can't imagine what it's like to live in a dry "country". We visited the "Jack Daniel's" distillery, which is in a dry town and thought it was mighty strange that they served lemonade after the tour but - whatever!

  3. Pepperoni slices, Doritos, Tom and Jerry, AND beer - all my favorites rolled into one post.
    Woo hoo, Grammy! And I gotta admit I'm jealous of your actual NICE, caring, good-deed-doing mother-in-law...whereas I've got a MIL, a step MIL, and an ex-MIL, and all are evil overlords of gloom and doom and daughter-in-law suffering.

    1. Three? I'm a little envious. And curious...what's your father-in-law like?

  4. Grammy is awesome. We need more people like her.

    I'm sorry about the brew. Perhaps when the next batch gets started you could hire Samu to sell it. He's got star quality.

    1. Samu was the most upset out of all of us. Maybe he thought he was going to get some - he can make the next batch, Mr. Mini-perfectionist.

  5. Thank you Gramma for all you do.

    Thank you husband for having sleeves.

    I have already updated my resume. Simple is better.

    OBJECTIVE: To work. Come to think of it, maybe I should forward this blog to the ex so he can get a job and start paying on that 15k back support.

    ~The G is Silent

    1. Funny, the one thing I learned from three years of doing payroll, the only way to avoid Child Support is to not get paid. I hate deadbeats.

  6. Congrats to Grammy! So sorry to hear about the beer! Also, your kid is a genius.I still suck at resume writing.

    1. I don't know that writing a resume to go fishing is a display of genius but I totally sympathize about sucking at writing one.

  7. Amazing Grammy! May she be blessed more and more and more and more so that a whole lot more will be blessed!

    And on to the Molotov cocktails! Bwahahahaha! You've done it again with the captions! Spelling checking and daity eaters came real close but just I just love the Molotov cocktails!

    I heart Samu! Playing with the fish and all!

    1. Aw, thanks for the compliments. As you can see, I'm not too proud to ride on the coattails of somebody else's accomplishments!