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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Good Scare

After this weekend's impromptu snowstorm, all I can say is, Mother Nature's been a crazy-ass-bitch lately. Personally, I'm starting to feel a little shown up.

I realized - perhaps a little too late now - that this was not a good year to plan anything. Our Halloween plans were SNAFU'd because of the snow and in addition, our little guy came down - or is it up - with an inexplicable fever.

No Halloween partying or Trick-or-Treating for the one little boy who was truly looking forward to it. It made me upset too because that meant only half the share of Halloween candy. But Zuki, the good Samaritan that he is, practically gave all his candy to his little brother. I would've, too - this year people gave out crap. Seriously, what kind of evil person hands out Now Or Laters?

Candy is definitely not what it used to be. Twizzlers taste like ear wax and Tootsie Rolls look like a log of dog poo. But the quality of candy is a whole other blog entry...and I'd need to conduct some research, you know, just to verify my critique.

Getting back to the snow, it really freaked me out because I was dumb enough to watch "30 Days Of Night," the night before. I had seen the movie some years back and I vowed that I'd never see it again because it took nearly a week before I could cook by the kitchen window without fear a vampire was going to crash through it.

After this second viewing, I had a fitful sleep because all I dreamed of was blood and snow and vampires and snow. When the following day my husband looked out the window and yelled, "Hey, it's SNOWING," I frantically pulled out my boots and decided I needed to trek three miles to Stop and Shop. My husband thought I lost my mind. But the urge to brave the slushy snow was for microwavable food. And beer.

My kitchen window won't see me for another week.

It was miserable out. People were giving me and my shopping cart this look like...well, like the look I was giving people with their shopping carts during the snow storm back in January. I wouldn't send a dog out on a day like that and I was hoping it would finally send home the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters. Aside from my annoyance at their ambiguous cause, I'm sick of hearing the bad reviews about their bongo drumming. This is New York - we expect a high level of street musicianship.

After all is said and done, I hope all the folks with cars and homes under fallen trees are safe and sound otherwise. And I promise to badger all the electric companies to restore power to those who lost it since you can't charge your phones to do it yourself. Come to think of it, you probably can't read this blog post either. Anyway, things will be back to normal about the same time as I get over my vampire-crashing-through-the-kitchen-window anxiety.

My apologies for failing to post any Swanoween pictures, since we didn't go, but the boys happily posed for the camera in their get up. For Christmas, I'm taking our bathing suits out from storage. Just in case.

Wall E under the weather and Darth Maul

Bald Wall E...wearing a Dos Equis shirt


  1. O I love wall-e! Winter has a way of making children sick with weird stuff... And Zuki sure has a heart of gold... I'm not sure mine would willing give up his, even if it were now-or-laters... hah...

  2. Oh too bad. I like that you let them pose for a picture and they willingly obliged. I hope Samu's okay now. Zuki bless his heart. Your two wall-e's are equally cute. tehehe

  3. @Ellen - and the contagion of whatever is in season seems to spread earlier and earlier every year. I thought robots couldn't get sick.

    @grapesandoranges - Samu's better now, thanks. It's funny how boys will only pose with a costume on!

  4. My coworker has been saying not that many people came to her house to trick or treat. She handed out raisins and pretzels. I think I know why the kids avoided her.

  5. Megan, raisins and pretzels still beats weird foreign treats. Who puts figs in candy?

  6. So sorry about your freakish snowstorm-having, vampire-fearing, Swanoweenless Halloween with a sick kid and crappy candy. But I gotta say that Now 'n Laters kinda rock, really. :)

  7. Hey I like Now or Laters. I remember eating them during high school. That’s classic candy, as too are Tootsie Rolls. Kids nowadays just don’t appreciate good, quality candy when they see it.

  8. Candy these days is definitely NOT how it used to be. "Now or Laters," which were always a triple threat to teeth, doesn't even have the satisfaction of resembling candy today. Starburst, on the other hand, have become chewer friendly...