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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Falling Behind

Daylight Savings week always kills me. Add Election Day and Veteran's Day breaks in the same week and I'm a blithering idiot by the time next Sunday rolls around. Since there was no school on Tuesday, I thought Wednesday morning was Monday again. Perhaps it's just me - I don't adjust too well. You can often catch me stabbing a finger into the laptop's screen as if it's the iPad and did I ever mention how garbage cans that have a step-open the lid confuse me? Yeah, if one's around, I'll gun it to flush the toilet no matter where it is. It's a strange phenomenon.

All in all, the days off were eventful regardless of how it progressed my Alzheimic tendencies. After a dreadful bout doing homework with Zuki, I decided we needed a long walk. We trekked across the Queensboro Bridge on foot towards Manhattan. I figured in the interim, he could learn a geographical thing or two.

"We're walking over Queens," I said as the bridge took us high above L.I.C.

"Hey, Mommy - do you see that guy walking a dog?"

And that was the gist of our observations throughout. I'd point out a geological fact - below us is Roosevelt Island - and he'd ask if I saw that duck in the river. Something tells me he's like my sister - no sense of direction because all his landmarks are moving objects.

When we reached Manhattan, I realized we were very close to my favorite spot for roast duck over rice. I asked him if he was game (no pun intended) and since he was the one to spot that duck in the river, which sparked my craving, he was more than a willing hostage.

Kar Won is one of those Chinese Noodle shops with zero ambiance, neon lights, homely cashiers and cooks that resemble Jerry Lewis. But it's the bomb, yo! If you're ever in Midtown, head over to 60th Street between Lexington and Park Avenue - you can eat like a king for well under ten bucks.

When I worked in Midtown, I used to go there for lunch at least once a week. The portions are for construction workers - even at my most behemoth pregnant stage, I never could finish the entire duck entree. Zuki sat patiently as I placed our one order to share on the table. Before I could pull apart my chopsticks, my boy was already chomping on his second piece of duck. Needless to say, I had no problem finishing the entree this time - he generously left me the neck. Still, it was our special moment - our special place since I never even had lunch there with my husband.

Our school week ended with Zuki's class trip to the Fire Station. They got to see real live firemen and a real live fire truck - not speeding down the street. The Q & A was entertaining of course, with girls asking intelligent, well thought out questions about gear and trouble shooting. The first boy picked for a question asked, "How do you put out lava?"

The fireman replied, "Well, we don't have many volcanoes in New York so..."

Lava is improbable, I agree - dumb question. But while we're asking what firemen would do in improbable scenarios, I wondered how they would handle an attack by zombies.

Goodbye Queens!

What are you having for lunch, mom?

Here's an idea - let's take a picture in front of the fire truck!


  1. But I always thought garbage with step-on lids are the greatest invention ever. I agree it's a strange phenomenon but coming from you it is not so surprising. *wink*
    How do you put out lava? Epic! Hahahahaha

  2. You can put out lava with Bruce Willis. Or is it John Cusak? Either way, the lid to my garbage can broke off...I still step on the pedal for some reason.

  3. Oooh, I love Chinese noodle shops with no ambience, bright lights and snappy waiters ! They always have the best food !
    Asking about lava isn't a dumb question. It has all the elements that firemen are thought to deal with- fire, smoke, hot charcoal. Or am I thinking about a teppanyki chef ? :)

  4. Okay- I've been trying to respond to this for days now. Google Chrome and my PC are starting to peeve me. For some goofy reason, it won't download on my PC (but it does on my IMAC) which means that I absolutely cannot respond to any blogger or blogspot blogs. If your dropdown had an option for "URL/ID" like some other blogger/blogspot blogs, I can get around it, but for some reason, it says my gmail, wordpress and open id credentials are not authorized to view your blog. Ugh.

    On another note. Funny post- It's funny how boys and girls ask different questions. At a dinosaur exhibit recently, a little boy screamed, "Did the dinosaurs know the asteroid was coming?????!!!!!" Boys. So cute.

  5. Remind me never to go on a walk with you. I'd hate to think of what we'd have for lunch if I pointed out a hobo.

  6. My three-year-old has an intense fear of lava (every big hill is a volcano, though I've assured her Arkansas is most definitely volcano-less), so if you could figure out an answer to the lava that maybe involved Dora or The Wonder Pets instead of Bruce Willis...that'd be swell. ;)

  7. @Grace: I suppose if you did a word association with Fireman, Lava might come up for at least 40 percent of the population.

    @crittersandcrayons: you know, Bridget just recently turned me on to email subscriptions. I'll have to look into the URL thingy, I'm so retarded sometimes. By the way, the Dinosaurs did know the asteroid was coming, it's just Bruce Willis wasn't born yet.

    @Twinisms: Bridget, if we go for a walk and you call a homeless person a Hobo, well, I might just have to ship you back.

    @Michelle: For Dora the answer is the Troll under the Bridge and Wonder Pets, hmmm, they're just too cute. I think even lava would have a hard time arguing with celery lovers.

  8. Okay, since no one is back the “lava boy”, I guess I will. Lava=fire. And being that lava is technically fire; the boy has a legitimate question. Yes, we all know there are no volcanoes in New York (that we know of), but the boy was thinkin’ outside da box. Can you fault him for that?

  9. Most of the boys in this second-grade class have that "Rain Man" genius thing going. New York's not supposed to have earthquakes either but we had one, so I suppose you're right - think outside the box.