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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snapple For A Laptop?

The squeaky wheel does get the oil. I've learned that if you complain enough in a blog - people respond. It's the greatest thing. I wrote a post - okay, two posts - about all my shit breaking down, including my bread and butter laptop and poof! My sister-in-law gives me one of her laptops. She has idle laptops like I have empty peanut butter jars. I'm going to have to send her a Snapple or something.

It couldn't have come a day sooner. I was neglecting my writing schedule, ignoring my e-mails and skipping my workouts. Between you and me, the laptop fiasco was turning me into a manic depressive slacker. Okay...I admit I was already a slacker but lying on my bed feeling sorry for myself is not my usual pass time.

So, after a brief course on finding a stupid application called "Rosetta" my laptop is set up...finally. It's bigger, better, yes - even sexier than the last and this is my first blog post on it. Hip-hip-hooray!

Now I have no excuse for sleeping in.

P.S.: Thanks to my sister-in-law for kind of donating it, my husband for delivering it and my former brother-in-law for taking my call to answer dumb computer questions. Thanks!

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