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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Samu's Pockets

Boys need pockets like girls need bags. Give a boy a pair of pants with a gazillion places to store things and life's good. He don't care that his crack is showing because his pants are all bogged down from all the shit he's carrying - he found a wing nut on the sidewalk and by God, he needs a place to put it away for later and it has to go in his pants.

Zuki will actually change pants if he discovers the ones he's wearing doesn't have any pockets although, he doesn't really put things in them - he just likes to have them. The other guy, Samu is another story.

He has this knack of finding coins on the floor and believe me, I don't think it's ever too soon to bring home some "grease." I tell him to look for dollar bills while he's at it. But he refuses - he doesn't like them because they don't make noise. Whatever.

He's picked up at least two cents everyday and last Sunday, he racked up eleven whole cents just walking to the park. If he hit that kind of luck everyday, that would amount to an annual income of over forty dollars a year. I'd say that's pretty good for a Pre-K student.

Everything he finds during the course of the day, I find either that night in the washing machine or in the morning when the clothes come out of the dryer. The other day I found a wad of Silly Putty stuck to the bottom of the washing machine. This morning it was a magnetic Bakugan ball brawling with my bra in the dryer. On any given day, I might find a key, plastic seafood shapes or Jesus on a stick because his arms got torn off by the Dyson.

The contents of Samu's pockets make doing the laundry a carnival of wonder for me. I can even say part of my occupation is money laundering although, I might want to be selective of which market I advertise that to.


  1. I lvoe this post because I can totally relate...I can't tell you how many lego men, coins, sticks and rocks I have washed and Tyler at age 7 still needs his pockets full of crap..

  2. See! I KNEW it was a boy thing. Then again, dump my handbag and I'm not one to talk.