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Monday, September 20, 2010

Blatant Fate

My mother had been attending the Sunday Buddhist services for the last few weeks, as the Monk, Venerable Nakagaki had resigned. Our family had my sister's memorial service by him and then my father's, so for us it was a disheartening change. He guided us spiritually, through their passing and now he too, would be leaving. But as he had stated, it's a new beginning - a path he decided to take. Regardless of who it hurts, or who it benefits - it is Righteous.

Carlos Castaneda taught me likewise, through his "Don Juan" books. "There's no way to put a limit on what one may accomplish individually if the intent is an impeccable intent."

Even Aleister Crowley said it, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Do that and no other shall say nay."

And what had occurred to me in the face of near catastrophe recently, is that intent or will, can be upfront and conscious or hidden deep down and subconscious. Either way, we decide our own fate. What happens to us as a result of that is never truly a surprise. It only seems as if we're blindsided if we had been ignoring it.

Need an example? A person stays at a crappy job - she knows she needs to move on but putzes around because of money, responsibilities, etc. Then one day she shows up at work and gets handed a pink slip. That's God saying, there you go girl...let me give you a head start! It happens with unhappy relationships, shitty apartments and even iPhones. Bottom line is, if you don't get your ass movin' fate is going to move it for's blatant like that.

With that said, I'll get a move on and spare you the boring details. My challenge to you is, will you?