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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Do Graco And Toyota Have In Common: Recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission or the "government" if you're a journalist, is recalling 1.2 million high chairs made by Graco. Something about plastic cracking and unexpected tilting caused twenty-four infants to sustain some form of injury. Apart from hairline fractures, most of the injuries were bumps and bruises but in my opinion, I think high chairs are unnecessary altogether.

Really, what's with all the baby gadgetry? Diaper Genies, wet wipe warmers, eight-hundred-dollar bugaboo strollers - any parent who thinks this kind of crap is going to make their baby happy needs a slap in the face. Although high chairs are useful in large, tiled kitchens, I can tell you that it's nothing but a big, loathsome mess in a small New York apartment.

I got rid of ours after two months. The padding was caked with baby food and crumbs, making it a cockroach's buffet and after the four-thousandth time I stubbed my toe on it I said, "That's it! You are outta here!" The high chair - not the baby.

After that, the baby ate on a booster seat that strapped onto a regular chair. It was portable and it fit in the dishwasher - presto-magico no caked on mess and no unexpected tilting. Of course, he was about seven months by then so, a booster seat was no problem.

But when it came time for little brother, I had no high chair to start him off with. Because he was too small for the booster seat, I fed him seated in the Bumbo chair.

Placed on the floor with a mat underneath, it was just as effective as when he would sit on Grammy's lap for dinner. She was, beyond a doubt the safest chair for him to sit on. No uncomfortable straps, soft cushy seating and buoyancy if he wanted to stand all the sudden and again, no unexpected tilting. But since she couldn't be around for every meal, the Bumbo filled in rather well.

Now, I am aware the Bumbo had been recalled by the same "government" because babies were getting hurt but in most cases it was the parents lack of common sense that was to blame. What person in their right mind would place the Bumbo with a baby in it on top of a chair - it has no straps. You couldn't even invoke Murphy's Law, it's just inevitable that down will come baby, Bumbo and all.

And I simply don't understand people who leave an active baby unattended for a long period of time on anything. Whether it's a playpen, a high chair or a dozing Uncle everything is a potential hazard for a baby. Yes, that means life is on hold for a couple of years but we aren't living in the seventies anymore - these days, we care for our children.

Shame on you, Graco for being so greedy...oops sorry - that was line was used on Toyota.


  1. My husband and I went baby shopping recently for our new little one. He tried to get me to buy a Bumbo. I told him that kids have been learning to set up just fine on their own for thousands of years, I think ours will figure it out, as well.

    When I had my son 9 years ago, wipe warmers were all the rage among my friends. I got one of those and a diaper genie and both went to the resale shop within a month.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more. We only got the Bumbo so big brother wouldn't knock down the baby as if it were some sort of Weeble Wobble.

  3. Oh, there's a wet wipes warmer? I agree wholly on all your arguments Nami. We didn't have a high chair, ditched the stroller after a month or two thank God it was just a loan. What I envy American moms the most is the swimdiapers! We don't have that here in the Philippines. Not that I know of, perhaps on some American shops but I haven't found one yet.

  4. You know, when I was a kid, we just pissed in the pool. Swimmies are EXPENSIVE, yo!