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Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Catch A Movie

How sad is my life right now, that I have to wait for a kids birthday to go to the movies? The last time I went to the movies was probably the day after Christmas - of 2008. But yesterday's birthday party for my son's kindergarten classmate was well worth the wait. About twenty children and their parents enjoyed a 3D showing of Alice In Wonderland.

This was my first 3D experience since movies got all high-tech-digital and I was blown away. Now I know what all the hype is about. It almost seems like a waste not watch a feature available in 3D. It was funny hearing the kids scream at every object that flew at them and the final fight scene was so intense a few kids actually cried. I'm surprised my son didn't piss his pants with all the soda he drank.

Tim Burton could have gone his usual route of making this movie dark and sad but I'm glad he didn't. The scenery still had his trademark creepiness but the vibrant colors and the goofiness in all the characters was a welcome departure to what I'm used to seeing from Burton's movies. Even Johnny Depp who has a tendency to make his characters a little too indifferent, made the Mad Hatter actually endearing. Perhaps it was the super big green eyes and the gap in his teeth that kind of reminded me of Frodo.

The Tweedles were hilarious and I loved, loved, loved the Cat. And I knew, even before I saw the credits that the voice of the Catapillar was that of Alan Rickman. What a hot voice. But my five-year-old was obsessed with the Queens. Both the White and the Red. The whole train ride home he made me review all the little quirky things they did before his short memory span erased it to make room for new sight words, like Eat Me.

I know I don't get out much, so who am I to recommend a good time. But seriously, if you haven't seen Alice In Wonderland yet and there's a 3D showing near you, I highly recommend it.


  1. Oh drat I read your entry a tad too late.

  2. Actually, it's out on DVD if you haven't seen it yet. My son loves Tim Burton movies, so it could stream on Netflix for all he cares.