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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scamming Scum-bags

I hate scammers, con artists and hustlers. They may be tolerated in France but the French tolerate body odor, too so what does that say about them? America was built on self-motivation - our ancestors had to come here because no one could stand them in their own country. They came here with nothing and made something out of themselves - now what kind of sick person scams people like that and is okay with it?

Yesterday, I received a packet in the mail from "Cambridge Who's Who." The letter says, that I was "recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent Queens, NY."

Now, what that means exactly - I don't know. But this "biography" is supposed to appear in the Cambridge Who's Who registry. Big deal. What the hell is that - dunno.

It goes on to say, "The Director thinks that [I] may make an interesting biographical subject, as individual achievement is what Cambridge Who's Who is all about."

Now I see what they're doing. They are trying to hook an ego-maniac. A mark whose vanity would never question the interest in his or her life. They appeal to you even further by providing a link - "your personal website" - that includes your name in the url address.

And if you can't get to a computer, all you have to do is fill out a postage paid postcard.

Well, they got the wrong person. And you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to send back their postage paid application and leave it blank. Furthermore, I noticed their little coding on the bottom left corner and took it out so they just paid to get this back for nothing.

If these guys want my money, they can try to come to my house and steal it like an honest thief. At least they'd run the risk of finding themselves at the wrong end of a shotgun. It's still a more noble way to end a career than coming in second on American Idol.


  1. Kick-ass! That bit on sending the paper back to them blank! WTF scumbags! Grrrrr.

  2. Sometimes, I get my sweet revenge. Most other times, it's just reason enough to crack open a beer.