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Saturday, March 20, 2010


No matter how bad traffic gets in L.A., Atlanta or even Washington, D.C.(since they drive like they govern) it just doesn't compare to traffic jams in New York. And I say this because New Yorkers simply can't wait for anything. Not a cup of coffee, a delivery and certainly not to arrive at a destination - waiting to New Yorkers is equivalent to Damien attending church.

So when we got stuck in traffic on the way to Bear Mountain today, you would have thought I lead us to the apocalypse, they way my family reacted. Luckily, the GPS asked if we were going to listen to her now and when we agreed the rest was smooth sailing. We were soon traveling the open road again, driving at warp speed with my husband spewing every conceivable profanity to the car he caught up with.

It was a beautiful, spontaneous family trip. Bear Mountain can always be counted on for a good time. Sadly, the Bear Mountain Inn is still closed - it had a gorgeous lounge with Heineken on tap - those were the days. But now we have the outdoor jungle gym playground by the lake and the carousel to look forward to.

Our family excursion today taught me a couple of valuable lessons.  One, it's almost impossible to hear the GPS when you have the windows rolled down in a car blaring music at two screaming kids. Two, it's best to listen to your instincts when it tells you that taking the George Washington Bridge is a stupid idea and lastly, that the three-year-old is eventually going to sing the line "you f*cking liars" from an Alice In Chains song.

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  1. Yeah. There's just something not right with swear words and small mouths. So far with my 2 spawns, no swear words, yet. They are so into MULAN soundtrack right now. Let's see next month.