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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a-WAR-ds! Huh! What Is It Good For?

Have you ever won an award? I haven't. Well, except Employee of the ahhh, Company Christmas Party once. I was happy when I got it but I think it was due to inebriation on everybody's part.

Other than that, I can honestly say I have never come in First Place for anything. Spelling Bees, Star Search, even with my kids I come in after the two grandmothers. I'm feeling like Rodney Dangerfield here, ya know - the whole respect thing.

Anyway, is it any wonder that I didn't know the Academy Awards happened already? I found out when my husband was on the computer and told me that Jeff Bridges won Best Actor. I thought the news was current and still in progress until my husband said, "No, you dummy! The Academy Awards was on this past Sunday."

You can tell I'm not a big TV watcher - I'm on Y.T.T. YouTube Time.

I still don't know who won Best Picture. It's really the only category I care about even though winning it won't motivate me enough to actually see it, I'd still give a rather formidable reaction that could fool anyone better than Palmolive Marge. I suppose I could Google it but what's the fun in that? No fussing over sticky envelopes, tension before announcing the winner just three dots (...).

If you would kindly comment to this post stating who the winner was, I'd be much obliged. And while you're at it, let me know if it's worth renting at our Library.


  1. Sorry I wont be of much help here. Funny bit about Jeff Bridges at least I know he doesn't have any mainstream movie that I've heard of recently. Well, I think. I'll go check google....

  2. Yeah, I must've Googled it but I'll be damned if I remember.