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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ok, Duh!

Memorial Day weekend 2012. I've learned not to ask people how it was for them because so far, everybody's answer was the same.

"I was sick."

Yeah, us, too. Well, the germ bags anyway (that'll be my boys).

One comes home with Strep throat and before you know it, he gives it to the other one. It's about the only thing they'll share nicely: diseases.

The one thing I hate about antibiotics is the side effects. It's usually a bad case of "the squirts" but I've once developed mold - MOLD - on the back of my tongue. It was gross. It was fuzzy. Like sporting a mustache on the inside of my mouth.

Anyway, if there's one thing my boys can't handle, it's pain. And I couldn't possibly use the same reasoning my mom used to say to me.

She'd say, "You think that's painful? Wait 'till you get your period!"

Granted, I was only eight but to her credit - she was right.

The last thing I needed was to continue this infected weekend with sitting by the side of the toilet, holding the hand of one of my boys cramped with the runs. Since learning that the best way to stave off the evils of antibiotics is to eat yogurt, I've been giving the boys yogurt-by-the-gallon.

But the idiot that I am, I'd been serving the yogurt before the medication and cancelled out ten dollars worth of Activia.


That's like putting a rubber pair of gloves on after you wash the dishes (get dirty, you pervs). Fortunately, I wised up. It took me a while but I figured it out - after all, it's not a printer.

Go ahead, use my dumb ass experience as a lesson: yogurt comes after taking the antibiotic. Two hours if you must know. And bananas, green leafy prebiotic food are recommended to be consumed throughout.

As for lamb? Here's the score:

Red Solo cup, you make everything perfect

Zuki's official barbecue shirt

The Infected One

Chef Zuki and his sous chefs


  1. Don't get mad but we weren't sick ;)
    So sorry to hear you guys were! Antibiotics do terrible things!

    1. Not mad - thanks - and antibiotics are great...if only, unpredictable. Like the number 7 Train!

  2. We were healthy, but we had issues with family, and so I sorta FELT like I needed to puke and all, if that makes you feel any better.

    And I'm assuming you're familiar with Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup"??...though I had no clue New Yorkers listened to that sort of stuff!

    1. New Yorkers generally don't. But I heard by way of "Critters and Crayons," plus Connecticuters (is that even a word?) have this strange obsession with Country music. I don't get it.

  3. mold on your tongue!?????? awful!!!! i hope the kids get better soon!!!!!

    1. Even while they were sick, they had pep enough to be pains-in-the-arses. The bickering never stopped...thanks just the same.

  4. Yogurt? I've never tried that. I usually just try to stay away from them until they stop looking green.

    1. For my guys, looking green is usually followed by a Technicolor Yawn. That's Latin for puke.

  5. Tell your mom, I am totally seriously a fan! :) Love the pictures, all of them! And yogurt? Keeping this in my mind.

  6. Luckily for me, I’ve never had any issues with antibiotics. Knock on wood. Although a few years back, some Canadian doctor in Ottawa tried to feed me some horse pills that induced vomiting for twelve hours straight. I kept checking the toilet to make sure my stomach hadn’t somehow ended up in there. But yeah, I tolerate meds fairly well.