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Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa's Memo

Our Kindergartner is loving Christmas this year. He's at that age where Santa has become an opportune fantasy. He's written a letter to Santa in Pre-K class last year but now he's wondering, wouldn't it be great if it's truly effective? If all this fat man needs is a letter and the goods are delivered like Maribella's pizza? Despite his limited knowledge of sight words, he managed to write this memo:

 "Can I HAVE a DS for Christmas"

Unfortunately for him, he wrote it on my memo pad. He wrote it after I told him he couldn't have a DS until after his seventh birthday - which isn't for another two years.

I reminded him how he already has a Leapster and he's allowed to play games my iPad or our iPhones when we're outside.

He doesn't need another gadget - that's final.

And I'd have to sell his older brother to afford it and the overpriced games that don't come with it.

He knows that Grammy and my mother would agree.

So he took matters into his own hands and went over our heads. His plan was to get this order in to Santa via his Kindergarten school teacher. But like I said, he wrote it on my memo pad and the messaged was intercepted.

"Better luck next time," I said. It was cruel, but not as cruel as the thought that was going through my head which was, "wouldn't have made a difference anyway."

I'm sure he's writing a letter to his lawyer right now.


  1. Smart kid. :)
    My Santa-fearing three-year-old spotted the jolly guy in the mall today and tried to get me to go over and tell him what she wanted for Christmas...while she waited right there. No, she doesn't like HIM, but she *does* like his toys.

  2. Does a little part of you want to wait on the big, expensive gifts until he no longer believes in Santa? That way he knows it was you who got them for him and not some fantasy fat man?


    Me neither.

  3. Sounds like "A Christmas Story" and the red rider BB gun. He's santa shopping! Good luck :)

  4. @Michelle: Three cheers for Lily! I don't like HIM at the mall either. Unless he's serving cocktails...

    @Twinisms: Actually, no part of me wants to buy him expensive gifts. I've seen how he treats his things!

    @Poppy: I tell him that he'll shoot his eye out with every single toy he gets. Including the Pillow Pet!

  5. HILARIOUS, Nami! You have one smart kid. You need to frame that letter to remind him of his underhanded past when he's a teenager. haha!

  6. You mean like when he unintentionally racks up five-hundred dollars in phone calls to his girlfriends? You're right...I better save it as a safety measure.

  7. No Santa-ism (is this word weird or something?) in our house yet. Keep you posted when the 2 ladies do get to know the guy with the white beard and hair. I'm not sure I should introduce him.. Hmnn.. Still thinking.. I think, NO. Not this year. Maybe next year. Am I depriving them of something?

  8. Brilliant child you have there! I wish everyone I have to buy gifts for would be so blunt. Lord knows my life would be that much easier.