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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cracked Nut

The Christmas performance by the Sunnyside Ballet students was so damn good, it made me want to get trashed. "After Show" parties don't go that way, however, when the performers are only old enough for Capri Sun and pizza. I'm not kidding though, the performance, execution and showmanship was just so adorable, were it not for the grumpy old man claiming he was going to be sick all over me, I'd have been crying like a blithering idiot.

It just goes to show that every child's talent can be uncovered, nurtured and polished under the guidance of a fantastic teacher. And that grumpy old men should be left at the bar until the show's over.

There were three dance numbers, but the shakiest one was the peppermint or candy cane dance of the Nutcracker. It involved most of the Sunnyside Ballet students. Including...the boys class.

Boys. Wild boys. 

The thing about boys is, they act like flatulent-happy-monkeys on dope during rehearsals. Even dress rehearsals. But when it comes down to the wire - they get it. Actually, they're stellar - the heroes, the team players and the minions in between.

It made me realize - they are as big of a mystery to girls as girls are to boys. How they manage to know what was going on during the movie when they were streaking through half the story is a complete mystery. It's how they store knowledge, I guess - gives a new meaning to the word exposure.

At a parent workshop, I recently learned that girls draw nouns and boys draw verbs. For instance, if you asked children to draw a picture of a rocket ship, girls would draw a rocket ship whereas boys will draw it in flight.

Perhaps we need to do our homework whilst skateboarding?

Major kudos to you kids! I'd say I'm good for my annual dosage of "The Nutcracker" until next year.

Goody Bag infused boys class

There's a cross eyed peppermint in the middle.

The ballet and violin troupe that were told to pose...or else


  1. Kids performances always make me cry.

    The verb/noun thing makes sense. boys are always in motion, girls area always trying to figure things out.

  2. I hadn't heard that verb/noun analogy! Wow! Are you sure that's NYC and not Seoul, Korea? haha! Lots of asians in that class! Looks like my elementary and High School. :)

  3. @Twinisms: Crying is definitely more attractive than puking!

    @crittersandcrayons: Yes, lots of Asians. Even the non-Asian students begin to look Asian...

  4. Naw !!! Too cute ! I can't wait till the twinlets get involved in school performances. I already daydream about how I get all teary, as they all bow at the end. I know. Lame.

  5. Hahaha you my friend is one heck of a hilarious writer! I love what you said about boys being boys. I noticed that about my son too. That's very interesting that they draws differently, thanks for the new insight :D They are looks so cute!

  6. What about dangling participles? I'm pretty sure my kid draws those. She's a weird one. ;)

    School performances are the absolute cutest things ever! Outside of puppies. And babies. And Jared Leto.

  7. @Grace: Your boys aren't of age to watch "Diary Of A Whimpy Kid," but I am SO that mom.

    @Maureen@TatterScoops: Yes, all my boys draw things as farting. That's a verb, I guess.

    @Michelle: If she draws dangling participles, she should draw for Nickelodeon!

  8. The crossed-eyed peppermint in the middle, is classic! HAHAHAHA! Hi friend! You won't believe what I'm looking at/using now for an internet connection! Wait for it when I get back, I'll post a picture! I hope you are enjoying your holidays!