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Friday, December 16, 2011

Ohm My God

I am stubborn. At least that's what my husband will tell you. My mother, too. And a good portion of my friends - all except the ones who are more stubborn than me - they'd say I'm a pushover. The term I like to use is "determined." There's a distinct difference. Stubbornness, simply does not budge. Determination will move on, but behind the compliant smile, it's fixing to find another way to walk over the hot coals. It's why we keep plenty of ice in the freezer - what's left over does wonders for a martini.

True, I don't give up that easy. For that I am labelled "stubborn"? Well, I suppose my butt does resemble a mule's.

Day two of meditation week was not so good. Then again, day two of anything is never good. Diets, new jobs, school, even vacations - the second day is always the hitch. Rather than trudge through it, I look for the lesson to be learned. In Meditation Week that lesson was: don't use my iPhone to play the music.

It thoroughly pissed me off. It does that sometimes because it's stubborn. Seriously.

While I raged at my iPhone for changing the music, my husband sat serenely meditating - oblivious to the negative charges I was inflicting on my nemesis of a gadget. Good for hubby. The bastard.

Four days in, I have to say there's been some subtle changes in our house. There so subtle, like losing weight the correct way of one pound a week, the difference is told in time. But so far, I've not had the homework battles with Zuki. And Samu has kept his wiener in his pants during dinner for the entire week.

One realization, I am compelled to share at the risk of sounding flaky was a particular exercise that calls for connection to others. When someone is rude or unreasonable (and that's like five people per square foot in New York) you say to yourself, "There I go being an ass, again."

Of course, the meditation tip didn't say "ass" but that's what I use. It's to connect yourself with that ass and realize that we are all in this hot mess together.

With that, Shalom, Amen, Namu ami dabutsu ~ uh, have a good one.


  1. Hahaha! That's the spirit girl! And you have to ask for dear husband how he does it. Hahaha! OR, throw away your Iphone.

  2. Crap. Can you edit that "for" that's not so needed above. By the way, I have posted some pics of the "pink bras" for you.. :)

  3. It's okay - I ask FOR everything and get none. Thanks for posting the "Pink Bras". Loved it!

  4. We too have a whole lot of “show thy Willie” @our household too. What is it with little boys and their toys, nowadays?

  5. So all I have to do is meditate and the boys won't flash their weiners at dinner? Might be worth a try.

    Good luck on you meditative journey;)

  6. @Diplo_Daddy: Nowadays? I'm sure that's why we've graduated from Togas.

    @Twinisms: It was meditation or Crazy Glueing their underpants on. Though the latter makes for a better conversation piece, yeah?

    BTW: SPaG - "They're" not "There" I caught it.

  7. Ah....I should try meditation but I don't know about that "connection to the jerks of the world" theory. Sometimes, people are jerks because they are jerks and I don't have to be connected to them. It's the beauty of free will. They don't need to be connected to me, either. I love that. My spirituality is a little pragmatic. :) Good luck on your journey, though- and I think it takes a big person to be able to call herself an "a$s" because of our connectedness to the actual a$s.

  8. Meditation helps me realise that I will always be making an ass of myself but that it's okay. Because if we're all in this hot mess together, the guy next to me is an ass too. And yup! That's what connects us all. Everyone, everything is relevant. Namaste, Nami :)

  9. @crittersandcrayons: Pragmatic spiritualism - I'd buy THAT Bible for a dollar!

    @Grace: I'm a firm believer of Karmic Debt. It's why I help little old ladies cross the street. One day that's old bat's going to be me!

  10. I've actually halfway sorta tried meditating in the past, but I kept falling asleep. Maybe if I try it again, my husband will stop showing me his wiener all the time??

  11. No, Michelle, I'm afraid meditation won't help that - it's a husband reflex.