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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Six Degrees Of Blognation

It's been said a million times, "Being a full time mom is hard work". Yeah, yeah, the rewards are invaluable - watching your children grow, blah-blah-blah, the smile of loving relief kids give you when you pick them up from prison - ah, I mean school. And then there's all the different hats a mom has to wear: the chauffeur, the doctor, the consultant, the cook and the poopy wiper - and then we torture ourselves by dieting on top of all that.

Let's face it, you'd have to be nuts to be a mom - it's not the other way around, that mom is nuts. mom, maybe.

Paragraph three, I shall get to the point. At the onset of insanity, I started to blog. Many people will tell you, it's therapeutic. As a matter of fact, I even wrote that on my application for a doo-hickey writing job(don't cross your fingers, the pay is a square of toilet paper).

As I filled out my lowly greatness, I realized that somewhere in time, blogging had become a respectable and legitimate calling. Bloggers are cyber entrepreneurs, they are activists and they are the every day schmoes that offer a reality show in RSS feed.

Sure, some people make serious money with it(not me) but the commodity is not just with the Google Adsense clicks or the commission or the Give-Away contests that have the same winning chances as those stupid claw-machines at the arcade - it's the community. The precious pool of people every franchise wants to bombard with images of their stuff.

I am honored, appreciative and grateful for the group of bloggers who follow me and especially thankful for those who comment. It's hard enough maintaining your own blog, much less taking the time reading someone else's and giving them a shot in the arm. I'm sure we'd all agree that a simple "Hello, my name is Peggy," could make the difference between "To blog, or not to blog - that is the question."

Before I give a shout out to the rockin' bloggers that often pay me a comment, might I say to bloggers who don't return a visit - or three - not cool. It gets on my nerves, you know?

Without further ado, my "Six Degrees" list of bloggers in no particular order. You may already know them because I pilfered, I mean, was introduced to them by you. If you don't know these guys, do pay them a visit.

All These Things -  Adrienne is a super cool gal and one of my first followers. She could make a day at the laundromat sound interesting.

Tatterscoops - Maureen's posts are inspirational, to say the least. A single mom in Indonesia, she puts my complaints into perspective.

According To Chip & Bobo - Booyah's Mama is a real pisser. As a New Yorker, I mean that in a good way.

Twinisms - You don't want to be reading Bridget's posts at the library or at work because you'll look insane laughing your ass off.

Educated Abroad - The Diplo Daddy has a rather unusual slant to stay-at-home parenting. Currently, his home is in Kuwait. That says it all, right there.

Wonton Chronicles - Real Life Reslers - and Grapes And Oranges get a holla-at-ya for some truly endearing and funny posts. And though Luke, I Am Your Father and Best Of Fates are recent visitors, I can't stop stalking them.

If I've missed anybody, I apologize - I'm detoxing right now. Please don't send me an envelope with anthrax, instead leave me a comment with your blog site and give your screen the finger - I'll get the message.


  1. First off, you’re a really cool mommy chick!

    That’s incredible nice of you to mention my itty bitty blog. And God knows how damn hard I’ve worked on it....

    Yes, I know I ought to visit more of my follower’s blogs, but I’m just so short on time at the moment.

    But I know for sure that, whenever I do stop by, I'm guarenteed a good laugh!

  2. Thanks for the mention!! I know what you mean about comments. I still get excited when I see them in my email.

  3. Thank you for mentioning me:) I love your blog too, especially now that it gets delivered to my email!!

  4. What can I say - reading blogs cheer me up. It's the least I could do for all the laughs and musings. Blog on!

  5. Yay! It is very cool of you Nami! Thanks much for the mention. Well I've always known from the first bat that you are onr cool chick/mommy/gal/poopy wiper... you get the drift. :-) One million and one happy grateful thoughts and wishes sent your way from me. Watch out!

  6. Oh. It should be "one" not onr. :-) Where's that darn autocorrect when you need it. Anyho, I have trouble posting my comments yesterday. So today I tried my smartphone, my comment finally appeared, a day late but I'm just happy it's there. Again. Thanks!

  7. Thanks again for the comments and the million happy thoughts. I better get out my gigantic butterfly net to catch those.

  8. Aww thank you for mentioning my blog, girl. You're a great friend and I'm so glad we connected through this blogsphere :) I'm behind in blogging again work has consumed me lol. Thank you, Nami!

  9. Maureen, the feeling's mutual. I never would've thought I'd make great friends through the Internet. And to think I made fun of my best friend for meeting her husband on line!

  10. Aw, I'm so honored! Thanks so much!

  11. Megan, thanks for feeling honored! Your blog is too funny.

  12. Awww. Thanks for the mention. Love your little blog. And will check out the others!

  13. Hey, what are bloggy-friends for? I love visiting your blog and do check out the others - they say you can judge a person by the company she keeps and this is about my only good quality.

  14. So, I'm making my way through my Google Reader for the first time in MONTHS, and it was such a treat to find this. You're so sweet to mention!

    And I was totally flattered by the pisser comment. Coming from a real NY-er, this means a lot.

  15. Hey Booyah's Momma(I remembered the apostrophe), Chip and Bobo are a world of blogging fun and I truly enjoy your writing! Blog on, sistah!