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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome Back, Sucker!

The first day of school is always a madhouse, especially at PS 150 in Queens. You'd think a school that focuses so vehemently on academic percentiles and reading scores would do better communicating where to meet in case it rains because it's only been raining for the past week or so. But no, they decide to tape up 8x10 papers with vague instructions on the outer doors, which are being pelted by rain.

If they can send me ten text messages about a PTA meeting, why can't they send a single text saying the drop off location was changed due to the weather?

No. That would be too considerate. As in the clueless mother who was giving parents the completely opposite information at the door, causing further mayhem. Sure, she was clueless but not as clueless as the parents who actually listened to her.

Now I know - the first day of school I should really drink decaf.

Although, some kids already started school like, last month, public schools opened on Thursday, September 8th. Despite the the late start, I can tell you honestly that nobody in my household was ready to get back to the school schedule.

We'd grown accustomed to the leisurely summer morning of waking up at eight, taking morning walks and enjoying a long breakfast with fresh fruit and laughter. Now, it's six-thirty, the boys can barely manage the stairs or their emotions and I'm snapping at every little thing.

At the breakfast table, the kindergartner was a nervous chatterbox, bouncing around with excitement. The second grader was a glum zombie. But little by little the mood exchanged until by departure time, the two looked like this.

Yes, the first day of Kindergarten was kind of traumatic for Samu but not to worry. He soon found a new friend and discovered that his teacher - who's name he couldn't pronounce and you'd think that after a year of saying Miss Tzannetis (Zah-nah-teece), he'd be able to say Ms. Ruffinati - anyway, he gave her a big thumbs up.

In comparison, the first morning of Kindergarten he was weepy when it was time to go in. Choking my finger until it was blue and begging me to come in with him. The very next day, we couldn't leave for school early enough and this is him, in the white shirt, marching in on his own.

"Okay, you can go home now Mommy. I'll see you in an hour," he told me.

P.S.: School is a full day now...Sucker.


  1. Lol. I can't imagine how ecstatic I'd be if my kid thought a whole day of school was only an hour...

  2. Tell me about it. Wait until he realizes this goes on until June - I'm expecting a breakdown somewhere around September 23rd...

  3. Haha! Stupid showed him ;)

    Frick with the lack of information! Seriously, it's 2011 text me.

  4. Lack of Information and organization...and this is the system that is educating our future. Is it any wonder?

  5. I really love your dry humour Nami! :) My daughter is so excited also but her lament now is "Ma, is it a school day today?" ha! She can't wait for weekends. Doing assignments and studying for exams = another thing to overcome!

  6. Oh, poor girl - waiting on weekends like that. How fast the excitement fades when they realize there's actual work involved!

    When my boys tell me that school's too hard, I say, "Oh yeah? Wait until you get a job."

  7. Bwahahahaha! Exactly!