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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mission: Impossible

This is awesome - I've been tagged by a really cool mama, Kim at "The G Is Silent". She was tagged and answered 11 questions and passed on the glory to her dysfunctional group of bloggers. Ah, the price of popularity.

Nobody wants to know this much about me, but Kim does - so, I'll oblige. And because I don't want to break my streak of breaking Chain mails, and yet would feel guiltier than an adopted daughter who forgot to send a Valentine's card to my Jewish mother, again...I'll oblige. With a twist of my own. Instead of eleven questions, I offer eleven prompts as a blog topic - please cover ONE at your convenience. But you hafta cover one and no, I won't hex you for not spreading the disease.

And if you don't have a blog, you do have to submit a two-hundred word essay on canary yellow memo paper that lawyers use. Illegal size is okay.

Kim's Questions:
1.  Have you ever played an instrument?  If you haven’t, what kind would you like to be able to play? The only one worth mentioning is guitar. I'm bad ass. Or so I've been told. No "easy listening" Jewel or Jack Johnson stuff - I play music that doesn't sell. Apparently.

2.  What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleeping and why? Thirty-two hours the day I flew to Japan and went out drinking all night with my sister, her husband and my cousins after I got there. Why - because I was a zombie.

3.  If you could be a fly on anyone’s wall, whose would it be and what would you hope to learn? I'd like to be a fly on Hugh Jackman's wall, find out once and for all if he's gay.

4.  What are 5 items in your home you could not possibly live without? Beer, pretzels, Samu's favorite pizza, beer and Pub Mix.

5.  If someone popped by your house unannounced right now, what would you be most embarrassed about? Not answering the door.

6.  Honestly now – Do you watch any of the Kardashian circus? No, because I can watch whores that are tricking on Sixth Avenue in person.

7.  If you could be famous for anything, what would you want that to be? That I got paid for being stupid.

8.  Who is that one person from your past you would most like to connect with but you either don’t remember his/her last name, don’t know her married name or just can’t find on any searches? A good friend I just stopped talking to for no reason. Or a reason I can't remember now anyway. I left him at CBGB'S without saying goodbye. "Goodnight, Fred."

9.  Who is at the top of your “list?”  You know, the one you’re allowed to stray from the marriage for. If Tim Finn ever showed up at my door, my husband would be dead to me.

10.  What’s your preference:  Phone call, text or email? Do you mean for sex? That would definitely have to be snail mail - I'm a sucker for love letters.

11.  Do you have a new/newer/newish laptop that you just have no need for and you want to send to a family who currently has only one working computer, and it’s a work computer and really isn’t supposed to be used for anything but work but is currently being used for this blog right this very second? Yes. My personal assistant, who looks like The Rock, is on it right now.

Thanks for enduring that slice of mediocrity. Now for Mission: Impossible - pick a prompt and don't be shy. When you post it, I'll be sure to link it here so that all the world may see what blogging geniuses my blogger friends are.

1. Tattoos: Will they remain fashionable forever? How will you handle your kid getting one? And if you're kid-less, how would you handle your dog getting one?

2. The worst boss or teacher you ever knew.

3. Who will play you in a movie about your life and how will it end?

4. What's going to be your retired look when you're as old as Betty White or Dick Clark?

5. You're allowed to loot for a day - any city, any store and you don't have to fight zombies or rabid dogs.

6. The world is at peace - what comes next, boredom or mayhem?

7. What drink goes best with a luscious sunset?

8. If you could take credit for writing one book, composing one song and accomplishing one life achievement what would they be?

9. What famous people share your birthday and what traits do you like or dislike that you have in common?

10. A mistake or regret you hope your kids will never repeat.

11. You are commissioned to write the story line for "Where The Wild Things Are," for the screen. Let's pretend the Spike Jonze version never happened - we never made it to the end, anyway.

The Impossible Team:
Maureen: Tatterscoops
Ava: Grapes And Oranges
Diplo Daddy: Educated Abroad
Bridget: Twinisms
Megan: Best Of Fates
Tricia: Critters And Crayons
Michelle: And Lily Makes 3
Trinity: Real Life Reslers

Grace: Mama Grace (where have you been, girl?)
Last but not least - the gal who got me into this club: Kim: The G Is Silent


  1. Um you said beer twice. You probably already knew that, right? Holy funny I was LOLing (that's right, I'm down with the lingo). And for the record, I ONLY have illegal pads. That's how I roll.

  2. Okay, is it just my poor eyesight or am I the only guy in this group? I’m over the moon to have been chosen and that you think I’m all that and a bag of chips! I mean, gosh, to be in the same group with Michelle @ And Lilly Makes Three (plus Miles)

    Um, let me study the list for a day or so and perhaps I’ll come up with something witty and amusing.

    1. Yup, you're the only dad in the group. That's a lot of pressure, isn't it? Better make it good. Just kidding, have fun - please.

  3. Your blog prompts are awesome. You're entirely to cool for me.

    1. As my husband so tactfully says, "Yeah, cool like penguin sh*t". Looking forward to your bent sense of humor.

  4. Ava, the super productive Wonder Girl at "Grapes And Oranges" has completed her Mission! Check it out:

    Grapes And Oranges, Tagged

  5. Diplo Daddy - the only daddy blogger on the list - posted a sweet and touching entry for the Mission. Go figure.

    Educated Abroad, The Mission Challenge

  6. Okay, I admit it. I had to google Tim Finn. Apparently, he's a sixty-year-old New Zealand rocker?? I *would* make fun, but I've had it bad for Steven Tyler since Permanent Vacation.

    Thanks for all the giggles! I choked on great big balls of phlegm every time I laughed. It was worth it.

    I've officially selected my blog prompt. I'll post something asap! Promise.

    1. Wait. Is Tim Finn 60?! Maybe my husband's not so dead after all. Then again, I didn't have the hots for Sean Connery until he filmed "Medicine Man".

      Steven Tyler. He still looks finicky enough. Meow!

  7. Totally love this woman! Not only did she complete the Mission by answering all the questions like Ms. Super Productive, but she'd loot gifts for her loved ones on the "Free Loot" question! Thanks, Trinity of "Real Life Reslers"

    Real Life Reslers "Fire Horse Questions"

  8. Worst Teacher and even worser (that's not a word, I know) boss. Michelle of "And Lily Makes 3" completes her mission. Plus she always posts these adorable shots of Lily and Miles - or as I like to call them "Little Red" and "Little Face"

    and lily makes 3: Mission:Possible-ish

  9. I am such a bad friend for missing out on this! Thanks for tagging me Nami! Will post it this week :D Love your answers!

    1. You aren't bad - you were missed! Looking forward to it and really, this isn't 2nd grade - there's no pressure!