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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mommy's Independence Day

It isn't a coincidence that Summer camp started right after Independence day - ahhh, the smell of freedom. Although, this morning I was a nervous wreck and woke up forty minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Instead of falling back to sleep, worries clouded my mind. Will they remember to bring back their swimsuits? What if they get hit on the head by a baseball? What am I going to do with myself?

Looking forward to entire kid-free days is like being plunged into the Twilight Zone. Yes, I have a list of a gazillion things to do but to check them off and have time for seems so unreal. I am pinching myself as I write.

Of course, the routine to get ready for camp was not unlike a typical school morning: sleepy heads, fuss over breakfast and the fighting - geez, does that ever stop? It's specifically why I enrolled them so soon into their summer vacation. If I let them go any amount of time leisurely lounging about, I'm sure they'd digress into little orks - self motivated only to watch TV, eat Salt and Vinegar potato chips and use their brother's limbs as a chew toy. 

No need to prove that boredom is the root of all evil. Apparently, camp agrees because the bus showed up on time. Off to a good start.

Two lovely young counselors climbed down from the bus to greet us. Already, my six-year old is falling in love. He's all smiles as he hastened towards the bus doors to climb aboard. The four-year old, however, put on his "I'm shy" act. Head hung and facing the ground, he moped along until one of the bus counselors helped him up. I'm thinking he'll coax her into sitting him on her lap for the ride there - he can be such a player.

As the bus drove off, we waved goodbye. We, being a sending party consisting of Daddy and my mother as well, proving that I'm not the only worry wart. It's not like the boys were off to college, though one day in the very far future, that time will come and I contemplate the similarities. For now, it's just day camp and day one of Mommy's independence day.

Dreaming of revelry on the first day of Summer camp


  1. Before our son started school, we shipped him off to main-land Europe (grandparents) twice a year, for a month at a time, once in the winter, and again in the summer. Ahhhhhhhh, it was lovely!!

  2. Does sound heavenly! Do you think I can borrow your Grandparents this winter?