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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Blog Burrito

Disorganized? Me? You bet. It's an occupational hazard, I think, of motherhood. Lost brain cells from pregnancy to the idle numbness mode my brain goes into when the males in my house open their mouths to speak - my mind is Popeye's fried chicken.
So when this girl couldn't remember where she put the computer cable for the camera, what did she do? She kept taking pictures until it turned up. Yeah, three weeks later. Now, she has about three weeks worth of events to post just days before Christmas and thus we have it - the Blog Burrito. That's really no excuse why she has to write in the third person but Elmo talks that way and people forgive his annoying behavior.

To begin, we'll start with the Sunnyside Ballet troupe's journey to Warren, New Jersey. Now I know what you're wondering - why would anyone go to New Jersey voluntarily? It's one thing to be hijacked there because New York's football teams can't find enough turf to play at home but to actually charter a bus to see a ballet seemed a bit radical.

But we had a very good reason: the troupe's ballet teacher was one of the creators of the Washington Rock Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. It was an opportunity to expose the kids to a ballet performance although I wasn't expecting much beyond High School Musical. Did they prove me wrong - I was floored. These young performers were exceptionally talented, the sets were beautiful and all in all, it was a stellar production. The only drawback was my four-year-old who thought it was a great idea to roar like a dinosaur during the quiet parts. But his older brother thoroughly enjoyed every bit. I think he was even inspired.

Jock straps in tights - how can you not watch?

And the bus ride was SWEET! We chartered a 38 seater bus by Skyliner Coach company and it was like going first class. Why can't airplanes be this comfortable?

If they were twelve years older, they'd be holding beers instead of lollipops.

The U.S.S. ENTERPRISE and her passengers

Next up, the Gingerbread House construction event at Samu's Pre-K. By 9:30 am, everyone agreed - someone needed to pass around a martini. If Martha Stewart tried to teach a shark how to construct a gingerbread house on the Disney Channel, it couldn't have been more disastrous.

I'm not talking about the brilliant idea of putting a plate of candy, frosting and graham crackers in front of a four-year old at 08:30 in the morning. As destructive as that seemed, it was actually inviting the parents to "help" out that spelled trouble. A dad next to us was diligently placing M&M's on the roof in a neat line. When his kid tried to stick a wayward gumdrop, the dad actually slapped his hand away. Whose project is this anyway? So the kid just popped the gumdrop in his mouth and followed it with a fistful of chocolate chips. Actually, every kid was busy picking the candy off the gingerbread house faster than their parents could stick it on.


This boy ate the residents of the Gingerbread house - they were Gummy Bears

Revved up after seeing a real live ballet, the Sunnyside Ballet's Winter Recital performed with heart and soul. It was amazing to see just how much these children have grown in a year and a half. And though the kids have come a long way - actually executing steps and choreography - all the credit goes to their wonderful teacher. She is a true miracle worker.

Before the show

Listening to the teacher's opening speech

Nutcracker Soldiers

Uh, Nutcracker Soldiers?

Victory Cupcakes!

The Miracle Worker tames my little demon

Art for Kids at the School of Visual Arts is touted as an art program that isn't "Kiddish." There is no coddling, no baby voices and "Gee! That's beautiful!" It's a rather serious program that has forced Zuki to grow up a little. True, there was a noticeable change in his art; it's more involved, detailed and expressive but even more astounding is a slight air of sophistication he's picked up lately.

He's developed a taste for English Breakfast tea with milk and sugar. What's up with that? Is he going to start wearing a white silk scarf around his neck year round?

The last session was on Saturday. The school opened its studio doors thirty-minutes before the class was over and displayed the student's work in an Art show fashion with refreshments for the starving artists. No, seriously...they were starving.

There was 3-D art, art with recycled items and the strangest clay sculptures I'd ever seen but I chose to post this work of art from Zuki because the backdrop was pretty cool.

Finally, how do you get two uncooperative boys to pose for a Christmas e-card? You have them pose with the Gingerbread house and tell them they can devour it afterward.

Sugar high round two.

At least the photographer got paid in martinis.

Thank you for a wonderful year. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a most prosperous New Year!


  1. That was the best blog burrito ever...your children are so adorable =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. Happy Holidays!

  3. That ballet teacher has to have the patience of a saint. A roomful of wee ones wielding plastic swords? Terror.

    And if you get paid in Martinis, I will come take pictures of your kids any day.

  4. Yes, I was thinking of nominating her for Sainthood with the Vatican - perhaps I could bribe them with Martinis as well?

  5. Your sons are so adorable!

    I took my 3 year old to see The Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center in DC. I was SUCH a mistake! She couldn't sit still and she kept kicking the seat in front of her. I'm glad your boys were better behaved!

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. What an experience, one I would have loved to have EXPERIENCED! Kids nowadays are so lucky! Terrific memories were made.

  7. It's true there's a lot more Kid-friendly entertainment these days - all I had to look forward to was The Wizard Of Oz on TV. And I know for sure that if my boys weren't taking ballet themselves they would've been playing Ninja Turtles in the aisles!