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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Zoo At The Zoo

What could be crazier than escorting a Kindergarten class to the Central Park Zoo? Going in 83 degree weather, that's what. I forgot how hot it gets in a school bus - the only cool air you get is the breeze that creeps in through the windows when the bus is moving. Too bad New York City traffic makes that virtually impossible.

Speaking of traffic, New York City is probably the worst city for wheels - nobody gets a break, not even school buses with children. On any given weekday, traffic doesn't move but to add insult to injury, you can't stop either. You know how people joke around about doing a jump and tuck from a slow moving vehicle - that's how you have to do it in New York. It's all part of the experience, I suppose.

Once we were in, we got right down to business. First we headed for the penguins. It's easy to see where they got the idea for the Penguins Of Madagascar - they are nuts. I can't believe how many of them are living in that glass ice box. No wonder they're always trying to escape.

Next we moved on to the "Analyze That" polar bear. Sure enough, he was swimming back and forth giving us a nice shot of his ass, like he's been doing for the past eight years. Then we saw grass because the leopard was hiding. Two attractions, one no-show and the kids were already complaining. Although, I really couldn't blame them - it was HOT.

By the end of the trip, we drank all our bottled water. So I broke down and bought a bottle at one of the vendors. I only brought three bucks with me and thank God I didn't buy a cup of coffee earlier because I wouldn't have had enough for water if I did. Two dollars and eighty five cents for a bottle of Aquafina. I knew they were going to rob me but that's outrageous! Who do they think they are, the Airport?

Zuki's friend, Rayn got a nice shot of the Insane Polar Bear:

This impromptu class picture was taken while we waited thirty minutes for our bus to pick us up:
You can tell we had a great time by the tired look on Zuki's face (he's the only one looking into the camera). If you plan to visit the Central Park Zoo, go in the morning, bring your own bottle of water and I guarantee you'll have a serene experience, especially after dealing with the zoo along Fifth Avenue.


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