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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Hitched Up And Ready To Go

It's true that change is the only consistent thing in life. Well, that and inflation...and dry Vodka Martinis and Dove chocolate bites if it's dark with almonds. But change is always enjoyable because the more it happens, the more things stay the same. Whereas inflation, martinis and Dove chocolate bites tend to add padding in the wrong places.

What changed over the weekend, you say? Oh nothing much, just a family member! My sister-in-law, Rachel was married to Joe in a charming ceremony conducted by a humorous Father Nick at the St. Thomas Church.

It was hard to believe the beautiful bride was posing in a picture with a whip and a package of Dicky Treats just two weeks ago. Here she is just minutes before being whisked away to church in the...Honda minivan.

Sorry, but I have no pictures of the actual wedding because I Was In It! Woo-hoo, my first Maid of Honor gig. I don't see any more in my future and thank goodness for that - I was ready to pass out wearing a corset. You don't realize how much you need your diaphragm until you constrain it. I have to warn you too, that if you drink wearing a tight corset, you don't feel drunk until it comes off - it's like releasing the Kraken from your liver.

I'm really proud of my guys - even Samu who was still bouncing on steroids during the ceremony. He didn't sprint down the aisle like he did during rehearsal, but he kept pretending to drink the wine as he brought it to the Alter. And Zuki almost tossed the Body of Christ crackers. It's kind of fitting since he's usually doing that with his cookies, the little Puker. Here they are looking Gangsta.

And though the Best Man escorted me down the aisle, here's a picture of him with his "companion" at the reception.

And finally, the Happy Couple. It's really an endearing picture if you can get past my husband looking like he's waiting for someone to bring him a cocktail.

Congratulations, Rachel and Joe. We wish you all the happiness and joy in the world. And - no pressure here - but if you guys have a girl, well, then I'm off the hook...I'm just sayin'.

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  1. I just love weddings congrats to them and may they have happiness!