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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dads Are People Too

It's a shame but I only recognized my dad on Father's day when I was well into adulthood. Even then, it was really only a reason to crack open a bottle of wine.

Since my boys are a little too young to have a conversation over a glass of Pinot and a plate of cheese, they did the next best thing - they made a Father's Day card that would make any dad feel drunk with joy.

This is the Father's day card made by Zuki:

And this is Samu's:

I got the Dude the P90X 10 minute workout program on DVD. It comes with workout bands, meal planning tips and a bonus Ab workout so he can keep that studly figure and still his enjoy his beer while watching Man v. Food - a dangerous show to watch while dieting.

The other part of his Father's Day gift is, we're not spending any of his money today. I wasn't going to mention that we spent a lot of it last weekend but I guess I just did. Isn't that what are Dads for - well, for daughters, anyway.

So, thank you Dads across the world for being who you are. That you patiently waited for society to finally acknowledge that we can openly appreciate all you do for us without making you feel like a pansy in accepting your children's love. Although we may not tell you that we love you as much as we tell Mom - because she makes us feel guilty if we don't proclaim our devotion every ten minutes - we never, ever forget the little things you say. And being that you have to compete with mom for air time, it is very little...but, it stays with us for life.



  1. Awww that is so sweet! I bet their Dad had a huge grin and a heart swell with so much love! I can't wait until my boy is big enough to start doing these kinds of things!

  2. Oh the things boys do with glue and sparkles. Daddy proudly displayed the cards in our dining room wall-gallery.

  3. I love the verse about the footprints. I think home-made cards are better than anything that can be bought. I bet their Dad was very happy to get these... and what you said about us mums needing us to proclaim devotion every ten minutes! That just made me laugh out loud!

  4. I'm often commenting on my own mother but then I find myself guilty of copying her.