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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holy Cups Batman, It's 2012

2012. Isn't this the year that John Cusak met Woody Harrelson on a top of a mountain waiting for Armageddon?

I can relate.

I had some really great pictures to share with you, taken with my new camera. They were deleted.

You know I have personal relationships with my gadgets - like my iPhone nemesis. I'd say as far as relationships go, this one has gotten off to a very bad start.

Fortunately, I write. So I shall describe the pictures I was going to share and it will be better, because I'll be in them! Looking younger. And coiffed.

Early evening party at Tomomi's. Actually, the boys took the pictures as an ice breaker. There was one of a kid sitting amongst an explosion of Magnetix, lip gloss and markers. It was before the group of shots of adults with their heads above range. Those were taken during Samu's sugar rush. Three mouthfuls of Jelly Bellies. Come to think of it, not much lost here.

Ringing in the New Year with a bottle of Champagne and Korean Tofu soup. I should've known these would be lost - I actually remembered to smile without doubling my chin. We toasted glasses of Moet, they sparkled beside the seafood salad, smoked salmon and fresh fruit. The traditional New Year's Eve soba noodles were replaced with spicy Korean tofu soup with mussels. I don't mind breaking tradition when it's this good. And my hair was perfect - not Gene Simmons-looking at all.

My New Year's kiss. 2012's was the best ever. As usual, my husband passed out at 11:13 pm. I expected the boys to have passed out long before but they were enamored with the Batman marathon.

"It's the Batmobile! Nobody would ticket the Batmobile, Batman!" Robin says trying to stop Batman from feeding the meter.

"No Robin, this nickel helps Gotham City flourish - we must do our part as model citizens!"

Are they high? Does nobody in Gotham City notice that Batman and Robin don't wear cups? My eyes were glued as well this trip down Bat-channel memory lane.

I periodically switched to channel seven to watch the sober idiots that filled the streets in Times Square. Fifteen minutes to midnight and the boys told me to leave it on Lady Gaga. I think she was wearing a cup.

We watched the embalmed Dick Clark count down the last twelve seconds. He was a second behind. Then the crowd went wild with New Year's kisses beneath the glowing 2012 ball. Zuki was prepared to mimic the policeman making out with Jenny McCarthy - I told him a peck is sweeter. And so went my first kisses of 2012 - from Zuki and Samu. Now, back to the Batcave!

Health, prosperity and cups! Happy 2012.


  1. Happy New Year friend! At least you started the year with the sweetest kisses ever. Me? The smoke from the firecrackers is what greeted me!

  2. Cool! You were kissed by a firecracker? Happy New Year to you - 開けましておめでとう!(Akemashite omedetoh).

  3. Kochira koso. And friend, shouldn't omedetou with a u instead of an h? Tehehehe.

  4. Happy New Year! You had the best date(s) of all:)

  5. My husband sorta pissed me off for whatever reason on NYE, and he was conked out by 10:30. My last (and only, I think?) New Year's kiss wasn't even a kiss at all. Around 8:30, I'm pretty sure Lily licked me good night pretending to be a dog. So at least you got kisses. I got a New Year's lick.

  6. Sounds like a great NYE you guys had despite the lost pictures of course :D Happy New Year, my friend. 2012 will be kick ass!

  7. @grapesandoranges: Should be a "u" but I'm hooked on phonics.

    @Bridget: Sorry you have the Blue Plague! I'll be paying you a visit next.

    @Michelle: New Year's lick is good. What's with these GUYS?

    @Maureen|TatterScoops: Well, if I had partied like it was 1999, I would WANT to delete them. So, maybe the camera had too much to drink.

  8. Ah, Nami, you crack me up! happy New Year, my friend. Here's to sharing more stories and laughs with you in 2012 :)

  9. I remember the old Batman & Robin TV shows from the 60’s/70’s. Those were awesome! I don’t know if it’s possible to buy the old series from Amazon, still. I’d love to watch a few of them.

    Your husband far at lasted me...I took to the sheets @9:30pm. I just wonder how the heck I’m going to survive our upcoming house warming party next month. It will start at 7 and end at 11:30.