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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scorpions, Sagittarians and Turkeys! Oh My!

Four days in November and already we've had freezing cold weather followed by two beautiful days and now rain. Yes, November is volatile and busy, busy, busy.

First of all, birthdays - other than February, I think this is the only other month that I could literally fill every single day with a birthday of someone I know - some days, even two. Scorpions and Saggitarians, how dull would life be without them? If you thought about all your best friends and all your best enemies, you'd find at least three Scorpios on each side.

To say that Scorpios are intense is an understatement. I'm learning just how much with Samu. There are times when he's having a Samu Moment, that Zuki and I just stare at each other, shrug and inch our way towards the exit. Like when Samu's pooping and his own crap is making him nauseous. Especially the stinky ones - he goes ballistic as if I released the odor like Zeus released the Kraken.

"Take it away Mommy!" He yells between his gags.

"All you gotta do is flush it, Samu!"

"No, it's too's too -"

Who throws up at the sight of his own turd? Apparently, Samu does.

Now maybe it's just him and it has nothing to do with the fact that he's a Scorpio. I'm sure every Scorpio would agree. And all the other people who know a Scorpio - they're just shrugging and inching their way towards the nearest exit.

Technically, Samu was supposed to be a Sagittarius. The happy-go-lucky, drug experimenting, hell raising sign of the Archer. Everybody can't help but love one. I think I know why they seem undauntedly optimistic - it's because they never hang around in one place for too long, including Earth.

You can't blame them. A person can't be positive all of the time and yet most of the Sagittarians I know are. I've worked with a few and every once in a while I'd thank them for always giving me a smile and being in a good mood. Sometimes I'd ask, are you high? But then I'd tell them I'm just kidding.

Once we're past the birthdays of November, there's Thanksgiving. In my opinion, it's the perfect holiday. Thanksgiving is what Christmas wants to be: warm gatherings, sharing the wealth, cops showing up for a domestic dispute down the block.

"No officer, that's not blood on the's cranberry sauce from the Missus throwing a plate at me."

Of course, when I was growing up it was soy sauce, not cranberry. But no matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, whether it's a big party or just by yourself, there's no long as you're not the turkey.

Quite the opposite from Christmas. Which just goes to show you that commercialism can strike a deal with Santa but nothing better come between an American and his turkey dinner.


  1. That is hilarious that he is grossed out by the smell of his own poop!

    I have two Sagittarius children. One is generally happy but the other is generally acting like a grumpy old man.

  2. Two?! That's like Thing One and Thing Two on a bad day - the Odd Couple on a good one! Good luck with that.