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Thursday, November 18, 2010

About That Fare Hike

Our little friend, Emmett, is one of those kids who has that intense fascination with trains. We joined him again this year in visiting the New York Transit Museum to celebrate his 6th birthday.

The Transit Museum truly is a fun place, especially for New Yorkers like me who grew up riding the subways. As an adult, I get to visit my past - the faded baby blue and grays of the old Number 7 Line; the criss cross seats that could comfortably sit one whole adult of the old C Line - it showed me just how crappy it was back then. But the best part is, you can always get a seat on them here.

Emmett and Kazuki have been friends since they started walking. They've known each other longer than they've known their younger siblings. Consequently, Emmett's younger sister, Lark is the same age as Samu. Technically, they've known each other since before they were even born!

But they're all monkeys, if you ask me. Just look at them.

Okay, everybody make a Funny Face!  

Okay, now how about a nice one?

Um, Lark...we're doing nice faces now.

Looking at all the old signs and displays, I realized that the subways were always a mess. The only time they really got it together was when the Metrocard really kicked in. With its Fun Day pass and unlimited weekly and monthly cards - the offers which are being brutalized the most for the next fare hike - riding the subway used to be a true value for the money. Now - nobody's happy.

Emmett is the Courteous Bus Driver

Samu is the Crazy Bus Driver - Don't get on his bus!

Lark is the Distracted Bus Driver
Can someone get this monkey off the side of my bus?

Yes, I remember when the fare was a was not that long ago.

Although it was only my second visit with the boys, they remembered everything from last year. That's pretty amazing considering Zuki has already forgotten what we got him for his birthday last month. Would I be considered extremely mean if I said that this is probably the only positive impact the Transit Authority ever had? You might think so for about two minutes because that's how long the fare stays the same.

The Number 7 Line when I was a kid

Diane and Samu check out the old ads

Lark finally gives us a pretty smile

This must be Zuki's stop

Samu and Emmett check out an old Subway map while Zuki poses.
Getting to the museum is a breeze and Brooklyn Heights is just gorgeous - so, I guess what I'm trying to say is, visit the New York Transit museum even if it's not Emmett's birthday. And with fare hikes going into effect like every year, it's just a matter of time before riding the subway is for the elite.


  1. Looks like a fun time for everyone tho! :D Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!

  2. It's always fun - after it's done. Happy wishes for you and your family, too!