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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Do I Dress Thee For Art Class

Lately, I just can't wait for Saturday mornings. Ever since Zuki enrolled in Art For Kids at SVA (School of Visual Arts) come Saturday morning I feel like a ten-year old kid leaping out of bed to go watch some toons. I could make myself out to be the selfless mom - say I'm ushering my child to higher education and all but the truth is I just love having 90 minutes of freedom in the city.

There's a Trader Joe's on the corner, a Bed Bath and Beyond over yonder, Burlington Coat Factory, H&M, Daffy's, Old Navy even a Home Depot! I don't buy anything mind you, I just look at stuff that I'd like to buy if an armored vehicle insisted I have a bag o' bills for graciously allowing the guards to use our bathroom.

Yeah, I got high standards when it comes to dreaming up shit.

Last week, during Zuki's class, Daddy and I took little brother Samu to the Cupcake Cafe on 18th Street between Sixth and Fifth. It's a children's bookstore that has a huge cafe inside and they sell - you got it - cupcakes. Beautiful cupcakes, too. It's almost a shame to eat them, but eat them we must.

Samu put up a fit when it was time to leave and pick up big bro, which was funny because he had a huge crying fit when Zuki entered class. There's no winning with a three-going-on-four year old.

What Samu was really upset about was that big bro was taking a class without him. The audacity. Samu thinks he can do everything better than Zuki and he couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to attend. I guess it wasn't surprising when Samu rubbed it in that he ate a cupcake while we were waiting and he topped it off by saying, "It was DEEE-licious!"

As for the art class - it seems Zuki is really enjoying them. Last week, they worked with clay and I was so glad I dressed him in a black hoodie because it made the white clay hand prints on it really stand out. Guess there's no saving clothes from art in progress. Next time, I think I'll let Zuki go with the Jackson Pollock look: t-shirt and worn out jeans. Oh, yeah and a mug of coffee.


  1. Art class sounds so cool for him...And a bonus of mom time sounds even better .... I am jealous I love cupcakes... It is hard for the little ones to understand sometime that activities have to be separate... But hey cupcakes make it better

  2. And they truly are deee-licious!