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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Retro Quote

I love the movie, Clerks 2. I may be the only one who thinks this but I actually think it's funnier than the first one. Lately, I'm reminded of a scene where Randal decided to take back a derogatory term - porch monkey - and make it a term of endearment. Of course it backfired in his face and it was hysterical but that's not the point.

The correlation is that my morning breakfast chant of "finish your breakfast," repeated fifty times can now be punctuated with that retro quote, "don't you know that there's kids who are starving in Japan." Like Randal, I tried to bring it back only this time, it would be true.

But the only person who ever got a reaction from that line was Weird Al - I should stick with the chorus - "Just Eat It!"

In this day and age and especially in America, starvation is a predicament that's worse than death itself. Throw in starving children and suddenly we have Band Aid, which to me seemed more like an effort to salvage the ailing careers of singers who fell out of the limelight.

Aside from the Red Cross and Lady Gaga, folks have asked me if I know of any efforts that are more direct or organized by local people to help the disaster victims in Japan. Oddly, I felt kind of embarrassed. Not because there is no effort that I know of but because there is a need for help.

Perhaps Asian people in general are wired that way. I couldn't rightfully say. But I know from experience that Japanese people are not prone to speak out or cry for help. Call it a code of honor thing handed down by Samurais or Kamikazes or sushi chefs who refuse to make a California roll because it's not authentic but either way, it's their way of life.

Despite knowing this, I did ask a friend over there if there was any way I could help to which the reply was, "how about sending a slice of New York pizza."

Regular or Sicilian?


  1. I think the whole world could learn from Japan ...Those people in the wake of disaster are still willing to put others before themselves and the whole world should be taking notes.

  2. If anything, I was inspired by one Junior High School girl who was volunteering her days at the shelters making sure all the babies were getting everything they needed. God bless her.